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Chapter 12 and 23 Anyalsis

Jazmyn Fowler

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of HTRLLAP

HTRLLAP Presented BY: Jazmyn Fowler
Jada Langston
Abby Kelley Quotations Chapter 12 "Network of meanings and significations that permits a nearly limitless range of possible interpretations" " ....since the great work allows for a considerable range of possible interpretations." "The other problem with symbols is that many readers expect them to be objects + images rather than events of actions......." 1. Determine a symbol can be tough to figure out. IS that a Symbol? A. A author's symbol can be hard to determine or understand and draw your own interpretations. 2. Symbols don't just have a single meaning unless it's a allegory. 3. Items , objects, seasons, and images can be symbolic to the work. 4.Symbols are constructed on a reader's emotional reactions, associations in which readers can create. Applications In The
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