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Banyan Tree Hotel & Resorts_SERV.

No description

Hao Y

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Banyan Tree Hotel & Resorts_SERV.

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Sam Eddings- 12116041
Hao Yue- 10032452
Rumman Khan- 12116076
Lay kuen Yee- 20061135 Case Questions continue... What potential problems do you foresee bringing Banyan Tree to the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East? How could Banyan Tree address those issues? What effect does the practice of corporate social responsibility have on the brand equity? Evaluate Banyan Tree’s brand positioning and communications strategies. Can Banyan Tree maintain its unique positioning in an increasingly overcrowded resorts market? Discuss whether the brand portfolio of Banyan Tree and Angsana, as well as the product portfolio of beach resorts and city hotel, saps, galleries, and museum shops fit as a family. What are your recommendations to Banyan Tree for managing these brands and products in future? What are the main factors that contributed to Banyan Tree’s success? Background Info. Achievements Services Case Summary Luxury Resort, Hotel and Spa
Established in 1994
Leading player in Asia
Best known for Banyan Tree and Angsana brands

Ownership at 55 Locations 23 Countries:
25 Resorts and Hotels
68 Spas
70 Retail Galleries
3 Golf Courses Individual villas with private pool and spa treatment
Designed to give natural landscape environment
Wedding ceremonies underwater among corals
Intimate Moments
Spa in every resort
Banyan Tree Galleries Banyan Tree has won about 900 awards so far:
Best Resort Hotel in Asia Pacific (Phuket)
Best Resort and Best Spa (Seychelles)
Best Hotel for Rooms (Bangkok)
Best Hotel Luxury (Lijiang)
PATA Gold Awards – Ecotourism (Bintan) Good target market selection
Positioning and branding strategy
Products and services delivered
Effective internal and external marketing strategy
Support of local communities Strategies achieving minimal wastage.

YES. Banyan Tree can maintain its unique positioning:
Unique romantic experience -- appeal to "the sense"
Individual treatment
CSR program
Employee program •A brand family= A marketing strategy that groups similar selling products or services together under one brand name.

•The original Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts brand was a family brand that consisted of spas, galleries, and shops all located on one of their resorts.

•Banyan Tree and Angsana was a new brand created for stand-alone shops and galleries, as well as spas located in ordinary hotel chain Cost would increase in sections such as America and Europe.
The quality of service could decrease.
Banyan is known for its traditional culture in all its services.
The consistency within their three new brands. •Continuing to market the Angsana brand separately from the original family brand that was originally created.
1.By marketing both brands under the same family umbrella you risk diluting the market.
2.It allows customers to buy products for home, or attend a spa in an ordinary hotel without loosing the exclusivity of the original family brand. Thank you for attention!

Questions? Recommendations
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