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Beijing Weather Presentation

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Duc Nguyen

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Beijing Weather Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Beijing, China Lattitude: 39° N Altitude: 143 ft. above sea level
Longitude: 116° E
Asia Africa South America Australia I want to go to Beijing because... it has a unique culture and history,
such as martial arts, the Great Wall
of China, and the Forbidden City. Beijing also has many beautiful
sights and sceneries. China Central Television Beijing National Stadium Beijing weather is affected by Prevailing Westerlies (39° N).
Prevailing Westerlies winds blow from west to east
Europe North America The climate region is Humid continental, which means there are warm summers and cold, snowy winters with precipitation through out the year. Spring Summer Autumn Winter Bibliography:


The air masses that affect Beijing are continental polar (cP), continental artic (cA), maritime polar (mP), maritime tropic (mT), and continental tropic (cT). cold, dry cool, moist hot, dry very cold, dry warm, moist
April - May
Tempreature varies around 12°C (53°F) - 14°C (58°F)
Cold and Windy
Frequent sandstorms June - August
Average temperature is 24°C (75°F)
The highest temperature was 43.5°C (110.3°F)
Heavy rainfalls November - March
Cold and Dry
Average temperature is 0°C (32°F)
September - October
Clear sky and a lot of sunshine
Average temperature is 15.9°C (60°C) Beijing can get Sandstorms
during Spring from strong winds picking up dust and industrial pollution. The dust and industrial pollution are from desertification caused by overgrazing, deforestation, and drought from north and west of Beijing. An example of a sandstorm that happened in Beijing
is the sandstorm that occurred in 2006.
It lasted from April 14 to 18 (4 days) and about 330,000 tons of sand fell in Beijing. My 2-3 days forecast of the weather in Beijing:
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