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Understanding Place Value Units of One, Ten, and a Hundred

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Blue Mountain

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Place Value Units of One, Ten, and a Hundred

Understanding Place Value Units of One, Ten, and a Hundred

Warm Up
We can bundle and count ones, tens, and hundreds which helps us to understand the value of each digit in a number.

The value is how much we have of each digit.
We will count up and down up to 1,000 by using the following strategies:
COUNTING ON by ones, tens, and hundreds. Counting on is when you go from a smaller number to a bigger number.
COUNTING BACK by ones, tens, and hundreds. Counting back is when you go from a bigger number to a smaller number.
Step 1: Draw models for each part using a place value chart
Step 2: Using your models, what number did you create? How did you know?
3 tens 7 ones 4 hundreds
7 ones
3 bundles of tens
4 bundles of hundreds
Now You Try!
You will start at 195 on the number line. You need to get to 173.
Question 1: What strategy will you use to count? Counting on or counting back? How do you know?
Question 2: Discuss with your partner the steps that you will take to count from 199 to 143 using ones and tens.
Independent Practice
Challenge: Can you think of a different strategy that will help you count?
Group A
Group B
Group C

Sadie-Sophia G.
Jared-Sophia O.

Warm Up
Ben and his dad have sold 60 chocolate chip cookies at the school bake sale. If they baked 100 cookies, how many cookies do they still need?
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