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Camerons DIGI

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of Camerons DIGI

How can I communicate with my teacher and still work?
by CAM

EXPLAIN EVERYTHING is used for recording, writing, and creating slides.
After you have made your maths strategy put it on to email which will then send your strategy to your teacher.
I can write my short story about school and save it on to the school website.
I can put my story on to my life page and record what I wrote so my teacher can read and listen to my story.
You can also write and record at the same time and if your slide is full you can create another slide.
I also can communicate with my teacher by using Email.
My teacher can go on to the website and read my story.
I can also include some images on to the story.
VIDEOS are used for record and talking to yourself and to explain the task that you are doing.
You can also use this app to transfer the video to different apps.
I used Youtube to upload my photos for my oral presentation and also to record.
You also can record your piece of paper and then read it.
I can use powerpoint to share my presentation on rocks and to show the pictures that I used.
I also can upload this powerpoint presentation to my teacher so she can see it.
I used life to put my powerpoint on to a page and I can also record what I wrote.
My teacher can go on to life and see my presentation.
Ipads are really good for quick internet loading and also not to use a keyboard.
Ipads are also used to download apps that you can use for tasks.
A computer is used for using apps to create presentations and to search
peripheral devices
You can also use safari, firefox and google chrome
Keyboards are used to write on computers. It also lets you search on the internet for what you want.
Keyboards are used also to copy, paste, log out and to write.
Iphones are touch screen it has a very quick reply and loads very quickly. It has a lot of apps to help you learn.
USB sticks help you move one thing from a computer to another and it also can move videos.
USBs are another way to share things from your computer.
mouses are used for computers.They are used to click on to websites and to search on the computers.
Without mouses you can not work a computer to search.
OLA is no longer a school because of the asbestos. How can the OLA community still communicate with their teachers and still work at home. We were given 4 set tasks showing a Maths computation strategy, create a narrative about an adventure at school and do a oral presentation rocks with images.
Computer hardware is what you can physically touch.
external hardware devices are usually called peripherals.
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