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Life of Free Settlers 1788

No description

Eddy Wills

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Life of Free Settlers 1788

Life of Free Settlers 1788
Free Settlers
Why did free settlers come to a new country?
Free settlers came to Australia to start a new life. They had to pay their own transport. Usually they were quite wealthy. Some started farms and got convict servants to help them with jobs.
What jobs did the free settlers have?
Free settlers didn't just come to Australia to be a farmer. Some became doctors or military officers.
What did free settlers eat?
Free settlers had the same diet as the convicts: bread, rice and vegies. But if they started growning their own crops they could eat their food. But that was very hard. Females were only allowed 2/3 of a males serving of food.
Free settlers clothes
Free settlers would wear white then either army uniform, red coats, white/grey pants and stove pipe hats. Or a ragged dress.
Free settlers houses
Free settlers homes were made from a native wattle tree. The first fleet didn't bring enough building materials so they had to build with what they had. The first church was made from wattle as well.
This is one house
What did Free Settlers think of aborigines?
By 1797 the attitude towards aborigines had changed. They didn't try to get along anymore. Their policy was rather than get along, they kept them out. When they were battling far more aborigines were killed than the British. Solidgers were sent out to kill groups of Aboriginies who were accused of stealing or annoying settlers. They fired at innocent people just to keep them away.
How did settlers change Australia today?
Not only did they make inteesting history. (that we are still researching today) But they started civilisation in Australia. If it wasn't for them maybe aborigines would have still lived here right now and none of us would be here today.
The End
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