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Enona Pandit

on 20 February 2014

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Memories from Africa
This is my attempt at Tinga-Tinga art style, popular in Africa. The art style is based on the works of the tanzanian artist Edward Tingatinga and incorporates bright colors that are used to depict scenes in the daily life of African wildlife and tribes.

Acrylic on canvas ; 2010; Size: 33.5 x 29.5cm

-Enona Pandit

Save Tigers
In a book, I had read of a painting style where the shape of the object you are painting is made with a light color vaguely with a thick paintbrush and then, a thinner paintbrush and a darker color of the same shade is used to detail it. The above is my attempt at technique. I had used this sketch on a "Save Tigers" poster made for a seminar we had in school.

Acrylic on canvas; 2007; Dimensions: 22 x 12cm

This is one of my few and earliest attempts at abstract art from the year 2006. Our art teacher had asked us to represent any dance form with lines and closed polygons only. The polygons could be filled with one color each only. This is a representation of Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian dance form.

Acrylic on canvas; 2007; Dimensions: 21.5 x 11cm

As part of the same assignment in the same year we were to depict a mythical creature using only curved lines and closed figures. Each closed figure was to be filled with only one color. The painting is a depiction of a mermaid following the above specifications.

Acrylic on canvas; 2007; Dimensions: 25 x 12cm
This painting is inspired by nature as many of my paintings are. Intentionally vague in nature, the painting showcases the various colors of the birds, the trees and the sky which I feel are often wrongly portrayed to be monochromatic in nature.

The Kingfisher
Acrylic on canvas; 2010; Dimensions: 20.5 x 15cm

The idea for this painting struck me when I was cleaning out my drawers and came across an old yellow zipper. I bought a couple of these for my art class and it somehow got me thinking about how a zipper can separate cold from warm, exposed from covered and how an old black jacket with an old black zipper can reveal the colors of an underlying colorful T-shirt. The end result of this thought process is the painting above. I chose flowers because I thought they could best depict various colors. Besides this, I wanted to experiment with the extent to which black and white alone can depict a distinguishable scene. Here too, I deliberately chose flowers because it seemed like a challenge to depict something that was known for its color, in black and white. The zipper in the painting is an actual zipper that has been stuck onto the canvas.

Acrylic on canvas; 2012; Size: 39 x 19.5cm
Have you ever really thought about zippers?
A friend of mine, a brilliant writer, once wrote a poem for which, he told me, the perfect illustration would be an eye, with the reflection of a skyline seen clearly on it. The painting below is essentially a depiction of his idea but with a more solid and tangible aspect to the reflection component of it.

Seeing the city
Acrylic on canvas; 2013; Dimensions: 38 x 30cm

I have to admit that this sketch had no reason or inspiration behind it. It just happened to be the only thing I could think of while watching something completely unrelated on the television one day.

The other kind of Indian
Charcoal pencil on paper; 2013; Dimensions: 15 x 13.5cm
Charcoal is one of my favorite media. I find it to be very smooth and it is somehow easy to alter tones with charcoal.This sketch actually started off with no real idea as to what it was going to be. It was initially a boat at the center of a blank page. I feel like it has quite an unrealistic aspect to it, because the bridge is too long to be practical. The piece is also a study of perspectives and distance.

In the middle of nowhere
Charcoal on paper; 2013; Dimensions: 23.5 x 27.5cm

Nelson Mandela once said "Let us hold hands and march into the future" and that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. He propagated values I strongly believe in and he worked tirelessly to provide equality and justice and he inspired innumerable people, including me. This piece was a tribute to him on the day of his death, at the age of 95. I used a photograph of him as reference. 'Tata' is an isiXhosa word that means 'Father', as he was referred to by many people. Quite honestly, the sketch is green because I had only green oil pastels left but when I was first asked this, I replied that if you have to question the color then you never really understood the essence of Mr. Mandelas message to us all. Let's say that's the real reason it's green.

Oil pastels on paper; 2013; Dimensions: 33.5 x 27.5cm
For a long time I wondered when MS Paint had ever been useful. It’s hard to use and has very minimal options to work with unlike other editors like Photoshop. The secret however, is the ‘magnifier’ tool. I roughly drew a sketch of the painting in 20% magnification and zoomed in to about 90%-100% and smoothened out the rough edges. Being hard to use, it looked messy then too, but upon zooming out the roughness at that level goes unnoticed and it looks like a straight line.

Via MS Paint; 2013; Dimensions: 790 x 342
“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
-Dr. Seuss
I have always been fascinated by the grace, balance and fluidity displayed by ballet dancers. I tried to use this dance form to represent peace in the midst of a chaos.
In the midst of it all
Soft pastels on paper; 2014; Dimensions: 29.5 x 21cm
I was given a list of emotions to depict by my coaching center, through flowers. I was to restrain from using faces, emotions and my other kind of animation. This assignment was given to understand the use of stance and color and relate it to emotion and circumstance.
Color pencil on paper; 2013; Dimensions: 28 x 21cm
Emotions of a flower
At the end of every year, 12th graders of our school get a sweatshirt designed with their names at the back, the school name and year of graduation as a memoir. This year, I wanted to deviate from the classic design and do something new with the sweatshirt so I asked people for their opinions and created this design.
The first picture is the my first sketch that was edited extensively, through photoshop, by a friend, to produce the design below. The final version is underway.
Sketch pens on paper; 2013; Dimensions:29 x 18.5cm
My friend once sent me a photograph of a streetlamp throwing light on tree branches in such a way that it looked like there was a dragon-like creature coiled around the branches. Inspired by this I tried to create a more realistic version of this scene. I included the owl to show that the creature exists in peace with the natural things that we see around us.

The dragon on the lamppost
Acrylic on paper; 2013; Dimensions:49.5 x 34.5cm
This was a poster I was asked to make for world environment day, to be put up on the speakers podium.
It depicts the dependence of nature, on the world as a whole, the environment, the inhabitants and the conditions. It also incorporates the theme for the year 2013, ‘Think Eat Save: Reduce your foodprint’

Acrylic on paper; 2013; Dimensions:68 x 49cm
Reduce your foodprint
At my coaching center, as an assignment, we were to create an original typeface. Ever since I read Dan Browns 'Angels and Demons', I have had a fascination for ambigrams so, I chose to incorporate ambigrams into my typeface design. Though it is quite ambiguous to read, the typeface serves well as an ambigram as the set of alphabets in order looks exactly the same upside down.

Ambigram typefont
Marker on paper; 2013; Dimensions:19 x 10.5cm
This sketch is my depiction of a bullet cutting through the air as the trigger is pulled on a revolver. The revolver is essentially not based on any existing model but is vaguely inspired by the .567 Mateba. I really don't know much about weaponry but the revolver had an artistic appeal to it.

Bullet cutting through the air
I took part in a competition held by DSK Supinfocom where we had to do one of three things, design a product, a video game character or a poster. My sketch is essentially the villain of the game. The ripped off skin, showing its bones, shows that the creature feels no physical pain. The vacant eyes, with no pupil, shows that it has no soul and feels no emotion. It can breathe fire and has a metallic skeleton and is hence, immune to flames. It can kill using just its wings, seen as has sharp claws on those as well. This seemingly immortal creature does have one weakness, its heart, as marked by the faint 'X' on its flank.

We were given an hour to complete our entries. This sketch, as well the explained concept and title, won second place in the competition.

I further edited the sketch on paint to make it seem more like a video game character.

Almost Invincible
Color pencils on paper; 2013; Dimensions: 49 x 34.5cm
Edited via MS Paint; 2014; Dimensions:904 x 649
I love dragons. I love the idea of dragons and I tend to draw dragons whenever I'm sketching unaware. I noticed though, that I tried to draw only full-grown, intimidating, beautiful dragons and never drew cute, vulnerable infants. So, I drew these, dragons to represent the four main seasons, but in infant form.

Dragons for all seasons
Marker and color pencils on paper;
Approximate Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5cm
This is an other design made via MS Paint. It is an attempt to graphically depict a story that a friend of mine is working on. The tale is about a man who lost everything in a fire and lost his sanity due to the shock. He drifts in and out of consciousness and in the state of sub-consciousness he visits a dream world with a bridge and a citadel, whose citizens are snails that worship a periwinkle pansy. The work incorporates all the main features of the story, including the graves of his parents and an unnamed grave, whose resident is yet to be unveiled. The protagonist of the story is now on a search to find out where he is exactly, if he had any family left and what exactly happened before he was introduced to the land of the periwinkle snails.
The piece is included on the homepage of the website on which the story is regularly updated.
A Canary In A Coal Mine
via MS Paint; 2014; Dimensions: 1441 x 538
Charcoal and color pencil on paper; 2013; Dimensions:15 x 9cm
I wanted to do a quilled piece that was out of the ordinary.I chose to base it on the Indian dance form, 'Bharatnatyam'.The piece is essentially a portrayal of a friend of mine, who has been learning Bharatnatyam for years. I was inspired to do this shortly after attending her 'Arangetram'.
Quilling work
Birds of color
With this piece I wanted to depict the effect of putting together little shapes that fit together like a puzzle to form an image.
Color pencil on paper; 2014; Dimensions: 32.5 x 27cm
I've always loved working with wire and beads and I've always loved dragons. I made this brooch with beads, wire and net.
Wire, beads and net; 2014; Dimensions:12 x 12cm
Dragon Brooch
3 Dimensional work
Here, I used MS Paint to simulate three dimensions. I used a color from the basic palette, a tinted version of it and a shade of it to color in the three sectors of each triangle.
via MS Paint; 2014; Dimensions: 591 x 538
For the T-shirt, the design was to reflect on the theme and incorporate the logo of the fest. The initial sketch was edited for printing.
Done on cardboard sheet; 2013;
Dimensions: 45 x 33cm
I was assigned the task of designing a poster for the fest. This was to be put up in the invited schools. Keeping to the theme I sketched out the design to incorporate the fest logo, event names, venue and time details. The original sketch(left) was scanned and edited extensively by a team member via photoshop and sent to print.

This was the event logo I designed for the treasure hunt event ‘Catch the tale’ for the fest. I tried to utilize the play on words to create the logo.

Marker on paper; 2013; Dimensions:13 x 13 cm
Acrylic on paper; 2013;Dimensions : 30 x 20cm
In 2013, we had a school fest, 'Zenith'. The theme of the fest was 'Yin and Yang'. As a part of the design team for the fest, contributed to the T-shirt design, the poster design and an event logo.
As an assignment, issued by my coaching center, I had to depict items on a list in the form of simple logos that were clear but creative.

Marker on paper; 2012; Dimensions:28 x 21cm
Thank You
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