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Copy of Joseph Campbell: 17 Steps of the Hero's Journey

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Matthew Flugum

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Joseph Campbell: 17 Steps of the Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell:
The Hero's Journey 1
The Call to Adventure 2
Refusal of the Call 3
Supernatural Aid 4
Crossing of the First Threshold 5
Belly of the Whale DEPARTURE 6
The Road of Trials 7
Meeting with
the Goddess/Love Joseph Campbell. The Hero With a Thousand Faces
(1949) 8
Temptation 9
Atonement with the Hero's Father 10
Peace and Fulfillment Before the Hero's Return 11
The Ultimate Boon INITIATION RETURN 12
Refusal of the Return 13
Magic Flight 14
Rescue from Without 15
Return 16
Master of Two Worlds 17
Freedom to Live Monomyth Basic pattern of the Hero's Journey
found in many narratives
from around the world.

Campbell identifies 17 steps, though not all
heroes go through all steps

All major world religions have a "Hero." hero lives a mundane life
hero receives info calling to the unknown Hero at first refuses to heed call
obligations or fear prevent him from starting his journey Magical helper appears or becomes known. Hero leaves known world
ventures into realm where rules are unknown. final stage of the separation from known world
hero is willing to undergo metamorphosis hero must pass a series of tests
to begin the transformation Hero experiences unconditional love Hero faces temptation that will distract him from his ultimate quest
The temptation is usually in the form of a female seductress. Hero must confront the being who holds ultimate power in his life.
Usually represented by a father figure Hero moves to a state of divine knowledge, sometimes through death
Period of rest and total fulfillment Achievement of goal or quest
all previous steps prepared hero to achieve quest Having found bliss and enlightenment in the other world, the hero may be reluctant to return Hero must return the boon to his world
journey may be as dangerous as the original Sometimes hero needs a rescuer retain wisdom gained on quest
integrate wisdom in human society
share wisdom with world achieve balance between material and spiritual Freedom from fear of death
living in the moment
No concern for future or regrets of past
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