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Ayman Asharaf

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of THE TIDAL THEORY

The Tidal Theory
The tidal theory was theorized by Sir James Jeans and Sir Harold Jeffreys; an English mathematician and physicist. According to the tidal theory, the Earth was formed from materials pulled out from the sun. The theory explains that while the sun existed alone at first, there came a time when another star passed very near the sun. The movement created big tides that tore away some of the gas in the sun's outer layer. Eventually, the gas massed together and formed bodies that became planets.
Sir James Jeans
Sir James Hopwood Jeans(Born 11 Sep,1877; died 16 Sep 1946 at age 69) was an English physicist, astronomer, and mathematician who was the first to propose that matter is continuously created throughout the universe. He made other innovations in astronomical theory but is perhaps best known as a writer of popular books about astronomy.He Died in Dorking, Surrey.
Sir Harold Jeffreys
English astronomer, geophysicist and mathematician who had diverse scientific interests. In astronomy he proposed models for the structures of the outer planets, and studied the origin of the solar system. In geophysics he researched the circulation of the atmosphere and earthquakes. Analyzing earthquake waves (1926), he became the first to claim that the core of the Earth is molten fluid. Jeffreys also contributed to the general theory of dynamics, aerodynamics, relativity theory and plant ecology.
The Tidal theory was theorized by Sir James Jeans and Sir Harold Jeffrey.
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