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8A Info Lit

Claire Schumann

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Website

Website Citations Why Do We Cite? By: Erin and Claire 8A Definition Websites Examples We cite sources because the author deserves to receive credit for the work they have produced. If we do not cite, then we are plagiarizing, which means using someone's work as our own. Works Cited - a list of citations that is shown to give credit to the author who published the information; publication information is given for each of the sources cited
Citation - citing of the source for the benefit of the author O'Keefe, Erin. The Life of a Teen Girl. Blogster Barbie, 2009. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. Title (italicized) Author Publisher, Date of Publication Access Date Medium When citing a website, first comes the author (Last name, First.) followed by a period. Next is the title of the article, italicized, also followed by a period. After the title of the article is the title of the website, followed by a comma. Next is the date the article was published followed by a period. Then is the medium, so for a website it would be "Web." without the quotations. Lastly comes the date of access, or the day the reader viewed the website. It is formatted differently, however, First comes the actual number date, then the month (abbreviated to the first three letters and then using a period) and lastly the year, also followed by a period. Citations
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