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Marine Biology in Belize 2013

Promoting Belize 2013

Danny Dude

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Marine Biology in Belize 2013

Biol 4490 Marine Biology in Belize 2013 Tools of The Trade Marine Biology in Belize 2013
Biology 4490 Travel Passport Wee Wee Caye Marine Lab Tips Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve If you don't have one already, don't forget to apply for your your passport! DON'T LOSE IT! Your travel equipment is quite important to your comfort while on Wee Wee Caye. If you've never been south of the boarder before, prepare for some heat, sun, and biting bugs like you've never faced before! (DRINK LOTS OF WATER!) YOU MIGHT SEE A JAGUAR! Go on a night hike! Prerequisite: Ecology (Biol 3370) Dr. Joseph M. Dirnberger
338 Science Building
(770) 423-6546 (office)
e-mail: jdirnber@kennesaw.edu

Dr. Scott Reese
320 Science Building
770-423-6168 (office)
e-mail: sreese3@kennesaw.edu The Captains Course Home Page: http://science.kennesaw.edu/~jdirnber/MarBioBelize/home.html Snorkeling Gear! Bring plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, and a lightweight rain jacket!

Bring some cash for spending!

Bring a sturdy notebook!

Bring an open mind!

Study Hard! Don't Forget to: Don't miss the swim test! And Enjoy ! Welcome to the Jungle! Tubing down the river! Pseudopteragorgia Cushion Star A Healthy Coral Head, Typical of Belize! Belize Study Abroad Group 2012 dog Small Plane from Belize City to Dangriga Take a Skiff Around the Reef! Take a boat along the river! From the mainland to Wee Wee Caye!
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