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The Culture of Mexico

No description

Cindy Vickers

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of The Culture of Mexico

Combining folk dancing with Latin music the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico serves as a great representation of Mexico's Cultural heritage. The Music, Dance, and Art of Mexico The mariachi band is a key component of everyday social life. The accordion is the main instrument in one of Mexico's most popular forms of music called "nortena". Bands play the national anthem at patriotic events such as Mexican Independence Day. Music and dancing are performed at many celebrations and special events. Folk artists make pottery, glass, leather work, and jewelry that reflects the traditional culture of Mexico. Artisans throughout Mexico craft a variety of handmade items. Many craftspeople weave textiles, clothing, mats, and baskets using methods handed down by their ancestors. Viva
Mexico! The Mexican Hat Dance is the national dance of Mexico. México Fútbol Young people perform the Dance of the Little Old Men to honor their ancestors. (Standish, 2004) (Saffer, 2002) (Stein, 2007) (Fontes, 2003) (Fontes, 2003) (Stein, 2007) Mexican Flag (Saffer, 2002) Mexico's many festivals include singing and dancing to traditional music performed by mariachi bands (Saffer, 2002)
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