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The Hobbit 2.0

No description

Brandon Reuhl

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of The Hobbit 2.0

"Welcome to the valley."
Tolkien 49 "And so at last they all came to the Last Homely House, and found its doors flung wide open." Tolkien 51 "Poor Bilbo couldn't bare it any longer. At may never return he began to feel a shriek coming up inside, and very soon it burst out like the whistle of an engine coming out of a tunnel." Tolkien 17 Bilbo is disturbed by some univited guests "'Murderers and elf-friends!' the Great Goblin shouted. 'Slash them! Beat them! Gnash them! Take them away to dark holes full of snakes, and never let them see the light again!'" Tolkien 64 "He was Gollum - as dark as darkness, except
for two big round pale eyes in his thin face." Tolkien 71 "Their trunks were huge and gnarled, their branches twisted, their leaves were dark and long. Ivy grew on them and trailed along the ground." Tolkien 135 "Then they knew Gandalf was going to leave them at the very edge of Mirkwood, and they were in despair." Tolkien 136 "He could only see the thing's eyes, but he could feel its hairy legs as it struggled to wind its abominable threads round and round him." Tolkien 155 "With that one of the fat spiders ran along the rope till it came to a dozen budles hanging in a row from a high branch."
Tolkien 157 "He had a tall pointed blue hat, a long grey cloak, a silver scarf over which his long white beard hung down below his waist, and immense black boots." Tolkien 4 "There they were collected and tied together and floated back to Lake-Town,
which stood close to the point where the Forest River flowed into the Long Lake."
Tolkien 177 "Some were barrels really empty, some were tubs neatly packed with a dwarf each;" Tolkien 182 "...when the elves bound the dwarves in a long line, one behind the other, they never found or counted the hobbit." Tolkien 171 "Did you not three times pursue and trouble my people in the forest and rouse the spiders with your riot and clamour?" Tolkien 173 "All alone it rose and looked across the marshes to the forest.
The Lonely Mountain!" Tolkien 189 "Just at that moment the Lord of the Eagles swept down from above, siezed him in his talons, and was gone." Tolkien 107 "Sometimes they rode on wolves like men do on horses." Tolkien 102 "But even the wild wargs (for so the evil wolves over the Edge of the Wild were named) cannot climb trees." Tolkien 101 "Then he set one alight with bright blue fire, and threw it whizzing down among the circle of wolves." Tolkien 103 "If you must know more, his name is Beorn. He is very strong, and he is a skin-changer, who can change into a black bear" Tolkien 115 "He guessed as well as he could, and crawled along for a good way, till suddenly his hand met with what felt like a tiny ring of cold metal lying on the floor of the tunnel." Tolkien 68 "He put the ring in his pocket almost without thinking;certainly it did not seem of any particular use at the moment." Tolkien 68 "There he lay, a vast red-golden dragon, fast asleep; a thrumming came from his jaws and nostrils, and wisps of smoke, but his fires were low in slumber." Tolkien 215 "Show the nassty little Baggins the way out, yes, yes. But what has it got in its pocketses, eh? Tolkien 80 "His rage passes description- the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but never before used or wanted." Tolkien 217 "With a shriek that deafened men, felled trees and split stone, Smaug shot into the air, turned over and crashed down from on high in ruin." Tolkien 251 By: J.R.R Tolkien THE END
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