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Intro Bagit!

No description

Bag it

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Intro Bagit!

Do you want ?
Then we have just the thing for you!
Its an online mall that is designed to cater all the issues that conventional online stores have failed to address.
Bagit provides free online store that is just like an independent website!
Here's a sample store created using bagit.pk!
URL of the store in this case will be
In this case the URL will be
Brand logo comes here
Sliding Banners
This is product page of a Levis.
This is where uploaded products will be displayed on your store.
Lets click here to check the details of the product.
Additional FREE Services !
Photo shoot of your products
Online security and confidentiality through SSL
Global exposure for your products
Online marketing
Logistics and Courier
Pick up of product from your location.
Delivery to customer.
Cash on delivery
Transfer of cash to your account
Overseas delivery
- Additional Customers
- Maximize Revenues
- Cut operational costs!
- Expand the scope of the product
- Maximize Consumer Satisfaction
Post interactive online catalogs !
This is where uploaded catalogs will be displayed on your store.
Lets click here to open this catalog.
Interactive Catalog
Sale statistics for performance assessment
Auto listing of your products on bagit.pk.
Get additional customers.
Increase brand awareness.
Interact with your customers !
Notify your clients with the latest news, sale and promotion.
Post images, videos etc
Feature rich shopping cart.
Experience a boost in your sales.
Expand your customer base world wide.
Want to evolve?
Give us a shout ...
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