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The future of Architecture

How will Architecture develop in the future? Let's find out

Youki Xu

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The future of Architecture

Future cities might look like this.
This is one vision of the future, by Australian architect John Wardle.
This idea is called Multiplicity.
The idea is to build upwards instead of outwards.
It will offer space to grow food and shade.
Future Architecture will make use of Smart software.
(Andrew Ramadge, June 8th 2010) What will happen? The future of Architecture Buildings In The Future Will be more :
1. Sustainable
2. Eco-Friendly
Reducing and Recycling Energy
Reducing and Recycling Water
We can use alternative source's of energy that aren’t as pollutant to the environment such as solar panel energy, wind energy, etc.

(Caroline Higgins, 2011)
(Marc Lallanilla, NA) What is the Goal of Architecture in Sustaining the Environment? Architecture affects the environment because :
Building a building causes air pollution.
Consumes A lot of Energy
Takes Up lots of space How does Architecture currently affect the Environment? What is Architecture? Will Architecture be cost efficient in the future? What is the cost of developing and designing new buildings? How does Architecture contribute to the economy Why is Architecture important? How will the future of Architecture affect our lives? What will future cities look like? The future of Architecture
How will it influence the design of buildings? What will houses look like in the future? The future of Architecture
How will it influence the design of buildings? How will the future of Architecture affect our lives? What will schools look like in the future? The future of Architecture
How will it influence the design of buildings? How has the past influenced Architecture? How will the future of Architecture affect our lives? What is a development in Australia that are in the forefront of design? How will the future of Architecture affect our lives? What will shopping centres look like in the future? The future of Architecture
How will it influence the design of buildings? How Will The Environment
Influence Architecture? Buildings Require Energy from Fossil Fuels
Pollution caused by buildings is over 40% of the total pollution that causes global warming. Why can we not have a Sustainable Future
with our Current Development of Architecture? Yes, Buildings In The Future
will use natural resources
will use cleaner sources of energy
will protect the natural environment.

(David Adamson,2010) Will Architecture be Environmentally Sustainable in the Future? How Will The Environment
Influence Architecture? How Will The Environment Influence
Architecture? How Will The Environment Influence Architecture? •Architecture is usually considered an art but it is practical.
•Architecture is an art and even a science or maths
•There are a huge amount of definitions for Architecture,
there is no true definition of architecture
•Many people have respect to architecture but yet some don’t (Archidose, 28st August 2012,) •We live and use architecture.
•Architecture improves and change our lifestyle
•Architecture influences us every day.
(Bob Borson, July 5, 2011) •Today’s architecture was influences by people in ancient Greece.
•Architecture is influences by people in ancient Greece and improved the buildings.
• The history of Greek art and architecture is important to the Western civilization.
Having the different arts and the god/hero stories of the Greek Culture.
•Greek artists established the imitation of nature for the principle for art. The nude human figures in the Greek art reflect on their humanism which they believe that “Man is the measure of all things.”
•Architecture is another Legacy that the West has taken as Greece has made most of the designs and structure work.
(Tebyan, 16/1/2008) The QV building has been one of the forefront of the buildings because it has
•600 apartments
•20,000 sq. Commercial space
•45,000 Retail space
•1500 care spaces
•$600 million investment
•Over 1.8 hectares
•29 level headquarters
We need this because the urban population is growing very quickly and we need to manage the area we have wisely.

(Norman Day , 10/3/2010) HELLO WORLD! Houses in the future will look like this
This house is the basis of environmentally sustainable houses.
They will be designed to be as efficient as possible using smart software.
Houses like these will earn a 7.5 Star energy rating.
It will save 70% of energy compared to an average Australian household.
Air-conditioning will deliver clean, fresh, naturally cooled air.
EcoSmart Bioethanol Fires will deliver clean heat while being just as warm as a normal fire.
(ABC News, 2012) The US is looking at new ways to make green schools, so energy can be saved and learning can be improved.
Schools will have technology that controls temperature, air, light and noise levels.
Green schools will be designed with materials that are easy to clean.
"Schools will continue to improve their environmental, health and performance benefits."
(Richard Matthews, 2010) Future shopping centres will turn into places where you can "Eat, Work, Live and Play"
They will hold shows and have fancier restaurants.
Hotels will be added.
Work spaces will be added.
(Jane Lee, 2011) What is currently the goal of Architecture? How does Architecture contribute to the economy? How does Architecture contribute to the economy How does Architecture contribute to the Economy Architecture will be cost efficient in the future
Future buildings will be more energy efficient.
For Example, a more efficient building will have less heat and energy consumption and this will in turn, lower costs.

Having on-site recycling technologies will help conserve energy by absorbing used energy.
By recycling energy, we are able to create fresh cold water and fresh clean air. How does Architecture affect the economy? Architecture only is given about 10%-20% of a nation's GDP
However it still makes up a large part of the country's infrastructure
Architecture is expensive, uses up lots of money.
To save money, Architecture needs to changed, so it is sustainable, cheap and efficient.
(Javed Shaikh, 2009) The cost of developing and designing new buildings is usually very expensive
15% for sketching and plans
15% for developed design
40% for final plan
30% for observing during construction
The final cost usually depends on the complexity of the building.
Simple buildings like houses will cost less
Complex buildings like skyscrapers will cost more
The future of architecture will work towards making everything cheaper, to sustain the economy. The goal of Architecture is to be convenient and
Currently it is becoming more cost efficient and sustainable
This is because of the pollution Architecture currently produces and how will not lead to a sustainable future
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