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electricity prezi


Mr. awesome

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of electricity prezi

by: Tyler and justin Electricity report wind power wind power works by making a windmill spin by the constant air flow solar power solar power works by gathering the suns rays and heat turns them into energy. solar power can reduce most of the fossil fuels and help the environment. geothermal energy geothermal energy is a type of energy that is taken from and stored in the earth. geothermal energy gets as hot as about 5000 degrees Celsius. geothermal energy is effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. the cost of generating geothermal energy has gone down by 25% in the past few decades. In 1892, Americas first district heating system was powered by geothermal energy. nuclear power Nuclear power plants do not burn fossil fuels but they produce nuclear waste and dump it into a body of water polluting YOUR food (fish) they also use uranium and that will disrupt the environment and anything else that relies on it and it emits carbon dioxide and the workers can get nuclear poisoning.

but nuclear power is good to because it can be a efficient power source. some negatives of solar power is that they use silicon cells and to make silicon cells you need fossil fuels. this is a windmill it stores energy from the wind and turns it to electricity a bad thing about wind power is that it can take up lots of space for animals geothermal power plant this is a nuclear power plant as you can see it is emitting co2 (carbon dioxide) fossil fuels most electricity today is made by burning fossil fuels fossil fuels are made by compressing a plant together and it will make fossil fuels. some bad things about fossil fuels is that it uses a lot of co2 (carbon dioxide) and pollutes the environment. YOUR air that YOU breathe. biomass energy is made by burning anything that biomass biomass is creates electricity by burning anything that will com bust it creates emission for cars. burning biomass will turn into biogas In 2010 wind power was used by around
2.5% of the planet but burning biomass can have the same effect on the environment burning fossil fuels (pollution) Wind power is an alternative for fossil fuels the good thing about wind power is that it is environmentally friendly. Tidal power tidal power works by letting water flow into a tidal power plant tidal power is renewable but tidal power plants usually require a big dam witch can endanger wild animal marine life this uses radio waves THE END DANGER HIGH NUCLEAR RADIATION negawatt power negawatt is the most used power today it is used to power light bulbs also charging your devices and for general uses to. but negawatt power can be harmful to the enviroment to because some light bulbs have mercury in them and might contain mercury be careful what type of energy you use it could effect your life in good ways or bad ways nuclear power plants also use lots of these THE SIGN MEANS DANGER HIGLY RADIOACTIVE this is a solar panel this is a biomass power plant Please leave feedback in the comments area
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