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The new deal

No description

AJ Fink

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The new deal

The New Deal Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) This was passed on
may 12th 1933 It helped with stopping over production in farm goods. Government looked to stop increased farm prices by paying farmers to produce less. Well lets get started First you should know that the new deal has alot to do with this man F.D.R or Franklin D. Roosevelt To help explain the first new deal short video ok so Wall Street Crash in oct of 1929 A.k.A stock market crash 16 million stocks sold in one month Back ground info: Thousands of people lost there jobs So banks, stocks, people, stores everything is out of money. No money = no jobs = no income = no food. In all Then F.D.R wins the presidential election by a landslide He then offers the "New Deal" Which would help fix the Wall Street Problem The new deal had 3 main R's
Restore On march 9th 1933 He passed the EBA E ~ Emergency
B ~ Banking
A ~ Act So with this and a 3 month time period on.... This helped create more available jobs Next was the Economy Act Passed on march 14th 1933
did not come into effect until
March 20th 1933 this took 400 million dollers from the federal payments to veterans and 100 million dollers from the payroll of federal employees. so thats 500 million dollers saved each year! Now all banks have to be FDL approved Farms income increased! And This was the main idea of So any questions? BY Aj Fink Thanks for your questions if ya'll asked any But wait I Think the American dream is To travel And to end all conflicts with other places To be rich and out of debt
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