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Commercial Photography

English II Career Project

Chrissy Robinson

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Commercial Photography

ph tog ra phy "When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." - Ansel Adams What Kind of Education Would Be Needed? A person can earn an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in photography. How did I Become Interested In This Career? The inspiration of my Dad when he was in the Air Force. He was a photographer and traveled the world.
What Kind Of a Personality Does A Person Need For This Career? My Personality Code Is:

"Extravert" "iNtuitive" "Feeling" "Judging" Photography Organizations American Society of Media Photography With this career, I will be fulfilling my dreams because I've always wanted to turn this hobby into something bigger. And with the right tools, I will pursue my dreams. If YOU decide to become a photographer one day, DON'T GIVE UP! learn from your mistakes learn from other photographers
and friends Remember.. SUCCESS! With the type of personality I have, I fit the traits to become a Commercial Photographer one day. What Would A Person Be Doing Exactly? -Much of this work would be done on location in various environments, both indoor and outside. What Skills Are needed? practice, practice and practice - The ability to take a fabulous photo.
- To know your camera, understand lighting and develop an eye for choosing the right angle.
- Photo editing skills.
- Marketing skills.
- Communication with people. The End . . . arrange/re-direct Why Photography? - Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with pictures and how they could be captured through the lens of a camera. - These are a few photos that I took a year or so ago. - Fashion Institute of New York
- Valdosta State University (Georgia)
- Andrews University (Michigan)
- Pacific Union College (California) What Would The Salary Be Like? Photography
(Commercial) A S By Christina Robinson E Photography can be an everyday hobby or something professional where a person gets paid. TAKE PICTURES OF
this is OUR yearbook,
let's get as many faces
as we can!! thank you :) It can range from advertising photography,fashion photography,and even interior photography. Photography degree programs cover the components of black and white photography, color photography, formatting photos, color, composition and lighting techniques.
Some classes will train a person to develop film, while others train a person to use computer programs that allows them to edit and manipulate photos, such as Photoshop. Most programs teach a person to use digital and film cameras. When a person uses their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event.But, get paid for it. WOW! - The average hourly wage is estimated at $15 per hour. What kind Of A Job Can A Person Get With This Major? Some Photo Examples of Commercial Photography Wedding Photographer Photojournalist Portrait Photographer Travel Photographer Print Ad Photographer Pet, Animal, And Wildlife Photographer Being focused Visual communication Being a leader Being Optimistic (positiveness) -They would be specialized in taking photographs of buildings, products, materials, personnel and landscapes. -Their work would frequently appear in books, advertising, reports, industrial materials and other commercial media products. - An estimated amount between $23,000-$72,000 can by earned per year. - The top three states with the highest paying salary for photography is: California, District of Columbia, and New York. American Photographic Artists National Photography Society of America Women In Photography International What is Commercial Photography? More Commercial Photography Examples . . Last Couple Of Photos . . . Where Would A Person Go For This Career?
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