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The Gold-Bug

No description

savannah haynes

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Gold-Bug

Thanks for watching! Conflict The theme of the story the gold bug is treasure. Legrand and his friends are all out on a hunt for the treasure of captain kid. Theme Motifs The motif in this story is the gold bug.
The bug is described as “It is of a brilliant gold color about the size of a large hickory nut, with two jet black spots, near one extremity of the back, and another, somewhat longer, at the other.”
The bug is also representing gold Theme Another theme in this story is excitement.
The excitement of knowing they were going to get treasure and gold just excited them.
" What ho! What ho! this fellow is dancing mad! he hath been bitten by the Tarantula!"
Obsession:the obsession for finding treasure In the end they ended up finding the treasure of captain kid worth a million and a half dollars. By: Savannah,and Julissa The Gold-Bug In the story the gold bug Legrand and Jupiter and some other guys go out on a hunt to find the treasure of Captain kid.
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