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Raffaele Ferrara

on 15 June 2018

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Transcript of LIPTON

Strategy/ Market of The Business Unit In tea bag market, Lipton's target is
to keep its success and to extend
the tea market with profitable tea
production such as herbal and fruit
tea bags. Lipton Supply Chain Description of the process Strengths and challenges The biggest share in costs concerns the labour.
With low cost end of line automation packaging labour costs can be decreased.
Because of the layout challenge of the factory,
automation opportunities must be selected
according to their footprint area.
QCBT (Quality Color Brightness & Taste)
SPC (Statistical Process Control)
QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
UQMS (Unilevers Quality Management System)
UQCS (Unilevers Quality & Safety Programs)
SEAC (Safety &Environment
Authority Compliance)
Leaf analysis. Tea supply chain Selection Stage Tea is being selected and graded under various processes after thorough examination.
It forms the basis of the tea quality as it bifurcates the tea into various categories.
After this grading is done the tea is then tested as compared with the planned results. Blending Stage Here the mixing ratios are specified following which the tea is blended. This blending is done in huge drums of 1.5 tones each and are then fed into machines and finally packed using the SKU method into different grammage packs.
SKU is the method of measuring the tea in packs of 20gms, 50gms or 150gms. Delivery Stage Tea is checked for any variances when
compared with planned production or specifications laid down.
Then testing of tea is being done followed by the marketing drives that have to accompany the delivery of tea to the final consumers. In bulk tea market, the leading
company is Caykur. Caykur is the most
popular for bulk tea drinkers.
Therefore Lipton aims to enlarge tea
market with tea bag and herbal tea bag. QUALITY TOOLS No automatization Automatization 1 Automatization 2 Lipton products Bulk tea The factory does not have any additional
area to start a new machine.
Although Turkey is a growing factory in
term of units.
Therefore factors made some new machine investments especially in the last three years.
5 new tea bag and tea pot bag machines started in the factory. Modifications need to open place for. Problems Process capabilities Tea bag for teapot Teabag for cup size Green Tea Herbal teas Fruit teas Form plus Teas Functional Teas What's behind a cup of çay Overall equipment effectiveness values of the Lipton machines in the factory are a benchmark across all Unilever tea factories. Its benchmark is tea bags, tea pot bag technologies. However some efficiency improvements in loose technology machines can be done. Lipton products
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