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NA timeline project


nick alessia

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of NA timeline project

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Pop culture
Top hit in music
Getin jigy with it by
will smith
. My life Timeline
April 25 1998 1998 pop culture movie: Godzilla Pop culture Tv: E.R. 1998 American history FBI arrestes Tony Ray Amati #1 most wanted cerial killer. Terry nicholas setenced to life in prison for role in OKC bombing Pop voculast Frank Sinatra dies at age 82 Personal events Year of 1999
History Pop culture T.V
Who wants to be a millionare Pop culture movie
Starwars Ep.1 Michalel jordan announces retirment Colombine massacre occurs Snow storm causes 68 deaths Pop culture music
livin la vida loca Personal Events American history 2000 Pop culture T.V
Friends Personal Events Pop culture movie
how the Grinch stole christmas. George W. Bush wins electon Hllary Clinton former 1st lady wins senate seat. microsoft wins law suit
against goverment. Pop culture music
Amazed American History 2001 Popculture music
Drops of jupiter by train Personal Events Of 2001 Pop culture Movie
Monster Ink Dale Earnhert dies in last lap of 43rd Daytona 500 Windows Xp Is Released September 11th 2001 occurs
2996 people die. Pop culture T.V.
My Wife and Kids Amerian History 2002 T.V. Show
American Idol Personal Events of 2002 US homeland security established United Airlines 2nd largest airline files for Bankrupcy Robert Hanssen setenced
to life for Selling gov
Secrets Pop culture Movie
The Twillight Samari Music of 2002
Big yellow
taxi American history 2003 Personal Events 2003 Pop culture movie
Scary Movie 3 393 tornadoes in 1 week in 19 states The us sezies control of the baghdad airport The College Texas A&M
clones deer. First
clone ever. Music In da club By
50 Cent T.V. show Married with children American Events 2004 2004 Movie
The Incredibles Personal Events 2004 The NASA's Mars rover lands Ronald Regan dies at 93 at his estae in belar,Califorina. The US Assult weapons ban
Expires American events 2005 2005 movie
Chicken Little Personal events 2005 Music 2005
Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone Hurricane Katrina - August 29 Rosa Parks Died New York City transit strike Family Guy returns on FOX after three years off the schedule. 2006 american history 2006 music
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake Personal events in 2006 2006 movie
Cars United States reaches the milestone of three hundred million Democrats gain control of both houses of Congress Charles Carl Roberts murders four girls in a one room 2006 T.V.
United States premiere of the new series of Doctor who. 2007 american history 2007 T.V.
The O.C. Ends. Personal Events 2007 Virgina Tech Massacre Harry poter deathly holows sells 11 million U.S. Launches Air Strike in Somalia 2007 movie
Transformers 2007 Music
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah 2008 history 2008 movie
Kung Fu Panda Personal events 2008 2008 music
Forver By chris brown Democratic senator Barack Obama wins the presidential John McCain accepts the the Republican presidential nomination The government begins to intervene in the U.S. financial system to avoid a crisis. 2008 tv
NBC Weather channel plus is closed I rode the top thrill dragster
for the first time. I was born Went to key west on 1st vacation. I went to the top of
Sears tower for the first
time I became a brother, my sister
was born. I went to ringling brothers and barnum bailey circus show for the first time. I went to kinder garden. 1st year of playing
tackle football. I moved to Ohio. I got the original xbox. I went to disney for the first time 2009 American history 2009 music
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas Personal events 2009 Unemployment Reaches 8.1% After confirming 20 cases of swine flu the U.S. declares the outbreak a public health emergency. Michael Jackson dies at age of
50 in home 2009 movie
The Blind Side 2009 T.V.
Glee Premiers Got most improved student in
the 5th grade. 2010 American events 2010 Music

B.O.B F/Hayley Williams - Airplanes 2010 personal events
I went to the beach for the first time. 2010 movie
despicble me The Transportation Security Administration announces stricter screening governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer signs into law the country's toughest immigration bill. Unemployment rate rises to 10%. 2010 T.V.
Conan 2011 american history 2011 music
Rolling in the deep by adele Personal events 2011
I became a certified scuba diver 2011 movie
Rio Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords is among 17 shot by a gunman. Unemployment goes down to 9%. Former Penn State defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, is arrested on charges of 40 counts of sexual abuse. 2011 T.V.
horrer story 2012 american history events 2012 movie
21 Jumpstreet Personal events
I started high school 2012 music
Party Rock Anthem President Obama Declares Support for Gay Marriage Barack Obama Wins Re-Election Adam Lanza, age 20, forces his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, and kills 26 people. 2012 T.V.
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