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No description

kervion doyle

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Sierra

Sierra Leone, Africa West Africa
Bordered by Guinea
Natural Resources

Titanium ore
Iron ore
Chromite Ethnic groups: The country has 30% Temne people, 30% Mende, 10% Creole, and 30% of various other ethnic groups Sarah Rogers Tyson Kauffman Kervion Doyle Alex Compagno Eli Carrier Religions: 60% Muslim, 10% Christian, and 30% Indiginous beliefs. Imports


Johann De Jesus Sierra Leone is a very poor nation

Many domestic fighting: ethnic groups, rebel groups, warlords, youth gangs, etc.

Very wet,about 195 inches of rain on the coast a year. It is the wettest place along the coastal, western Africa.

Lots of dust and sand storms. Winds blow in from the Sahara from December to February. Exports



Natural Gas

Crops The farmers there grow rice, oranges, tomatoes, peanuts, and cassava. They raise coffee, cacao, and ginger. Sierra Leone is a little bit smaller than
North Carolina. Languages National-Krio

Offical-English The British colonized Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone.
Then it was called the Gold Coast
Sierra served as the educational centre of British West Africa
Resoures "Seirra Leone." C.I.A. C.I.A, 14/4/2009. Web. 22 Apr 2010. <https://www.cia.gov/contact-cia/>. "Infoplease." Sierra Leone. HighBeam Research, 2009. Web. 22 Apr 2010. <http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107959.html>. "sierra leone web." sierra leone. Sierra Leone Web, 2010. Web. 22 Apr 2010. <http://www.sierra-leone.org/>.
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