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Katherine Anderson

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Walden

Higher Laws Brute neighbors Walden
The Importance Of Higher Laws & Brute Neighbors Literary Elements in Walden Name That Literary Element! - Lots of Personification
- Imagery
- Metaphoric situations Listen Thoreauly as you do not want to miss the key points in the following film Higher Laws
The Wood Chuck Is hunting a necessary component for life? if it is not then is it not humane? And is it worth the effort it takes to get the meat ready to eat? (Remember the time frame) !?!Think about this!?! In Higher Laws, Thoreau conflicts with himself over humanity, what to eat, sex and at large, purity. Thoreau discusses the value of learning to hunt and there for, if one can convert away from the superfluous nature, they are truly pure, and not just uneducated. (If you never learned you might just be an unawakened enemy) The beginning of his internal conflict arises when he recalls a feeling of savageness and greed to kill a wood chuck as it crosses his path. Hunger is not his motive but for the pure desire to attack the animal.(Self control much?) He then realizes that he is not 100% pure of sin. This imperfection throws Thoreau off enough to start questioning what is and is not pure. He starts praising those who are complete vegetarians and noting that he actually eats fish. (Remember the H word?) As Thoreau moves into the topic of chastity verses sensuality, he becomes very unsure of what he should believe. (Basically, To sleep with? or Not to sleep with?) He himself is not pure, and although chastity is the direction he would like to favor, he does not want to speak as a hypocrite. Thoreau does not resolve the conflict in the conclusion of this chapter; he ends it with a thought that if one wants to redeem himself he ‘must let his mind descend to his body’. In other words, act how one feels is right, no matter what past actions have implemented. (Live in the moment) !?!Keep in Mind!?!

When a friend comes out Thoreau is perturbed by his arbitrary nature- One should always keep focused on the task at hand for highest efficiency.
Brute Neighbors is a slower chapter with more ‘fluff’ than the previous, there are however, a few important aspects. Thoreau begins the chapter by basically recapping his belief of simplicity by commenting on the social exercise of fishing as well as the pointless nature of housekeeping. As the section deepens, it focuses in on Thoreau’s connection and comparison of animals to people. (Personification and foreshadowing!!!) The greatest hub of the chapter is when Thoreau observes two ant colonies, one red and one black, as they battle among each other, literally tearing each other a part. Thoreau takes three ants, two red and one large black, to his house for closer observation, unaware of the surrounding change, the ants fight until the black kills both red, and walks out the window seal, beat (to a pulp) and satisfied for nothing other than murdering his own species. Notice the time period and how this particular event foreshadows a future conflict in America. (Cough, cough, Some type of war!) Before the ants, Thoreau observes a mother bird protecting her young, a tame cat wondering unknowingly through the forest, and a playful loon sneaking through the water. All of these scenarios suggest that the nature of animals is the basic nature of people. The Ants Of War Please Thoreauly Enjoy The Film Don't worry, we will make sure you thoreauly understand the connections does all of this have any effect on life today? I mean, life is why he wrote the dang book in the first place! How -Note that this is a nonfictiion book and for what the ants forshadow!!!! Is Thoreau trying to warn an oncoming event??? Thoreau wanted us to live like he did He values his laws enough to where he feels that we should as well (Food and Sensuality) He also wants us to be observant and attentive to all the symbols around us (Oh the Ants) Just For Kicks... ???Can You think of any ideas In Either Higher Laws or Brute Neighbors that are implimented in today's society or in media??? Is sex worth the impurity it creates? Wise Men drink only water, not alcohol. Anything extra is a needless distraction (of which killed out Rome) What is the bear necessity of food? “We cannot but pity the boy who has never fired a gun; he is no more humane, while his education has been sadly neglected.” Higher Laws “Perhaps the hunter is the greatest friend of the animal hunted, not excepting the Humane Society.”-Higher Laws How is Personification through animals compared to human situations? Men needlessly work and get little done
Recap! Housekeeping is a useless, endless task. “I have found repeatedly, of late years, that I cannot fish without falling a little in self-respect. I have tried it again and again.” Higher Laws "Having looked in vain over the pond for a loon, then, suddenly one, sailing out from the shore toward the middle a few rods in front of me," -Brute Neighbors Nature is a __________________________ for the chapter Brute Neighbors
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