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Live a CherryGood Life!

Experiential Marketing Event

Arianna Bureca

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Live a CherryGood Life!

Live a Cherrygood Life! TARGET AUDIENCE Brighton,
25-26 of May
how does CherryGood fits into Vanessa's life?! "Once upon a time ..." ... there was a company in Michigan who planted the seeds to start a new
venture ... and squeeze 'em into JUICE!! During the week
She wakes up at 7.30 ... Vanessa is a 32 years old mother of two. ... then she goes to work
at the post office ...

and at 16.30 ... .. after an exhausting day, it's time for
the family to enjoy a dinner all TOGETHER ! EASY!!!!! Our Recipe: to activate 7 Cherry Men ... so, it's time for the company to let the live brand experience preparation begin ... ... soon
the seeds flourished, so did the company ... ... then it was time to collect the fruits ... Quickly the Juice proved itself to be the best in town ... surmounting the competitors ... ... now is the time to spread the word!!!! but...
to the right... She prepares breakfast and drives her she attends the
spinning class .. children to ... so it's time to go to bed.. Then, everybody is tired, ZZZzzzzZZZZzzZZZZz -
- Breakfast
Sleep Essential nutrients "Less Pain, More Gain" Melatonin When and How could we reach Vanessa?!? -Active -Friendly 1) Climb the cherry-three 2) Find the differences! 3) Ride the bike
in the cherry-world! 4) Cherry-Basket! 5)Memory-fruit! The Brand Ambassadors are 7 Cherrygood hostesses ...and they will help us to reach
our objectives: Bring the brand personality to life Raise awareness and collect data Raise word of mouth / web Demographics: Local and visitors in "leisure-mode".
Around 1000 people
involved. How to collect data?!?

Go to www.cherrygood.com/competition insert the code, receive the discount voucher and win your FAMILY TRAVEL PRIZE!!! Once they fill our form with their details,
they will be part of the big Cherrygood family! Name, Surname: .....................
Mail: ....................

Describe in one word a
"CHERRYGOOD LIFE": Let's go and win! PHOTO GALLERY Product information Stores WIN WITH US! PHOTO GALLERY SHARE IT! ................... 5 different FAMILY challenges BODY ... while INTERACTING with us!! OUR EXPERIENCE: Don't forget to have a look at ours:

- Gant Chart

- Table Budget

- Experiential Scorecard

- Risk Analysis ... and they lived healthily
ever after.. Brand's Personality:
- Healthy - Family oriented LIVE A
CHERRYGOOD LIFE!!!!! Our message: "BRIGHTON LOVES CHERRIES 2013" Live Brand Experience communicating our MIND ... and
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