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Allan Stratton's Borderline

Visual verbal by Mitchell

Mitchell Jordan

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Allan Stratton's Borderline

Sami's father is suspected to be giving biological bombs
to an active terrorist due to a racist assumption.
Everything in Sami's life is turned Borderline Visual Verbal essay by: Mitchell Allan Stratton's
Racism is a crime and should not be overlooked. everyone should be treated equally and have freedom of speech.
Sami gets bullied throughout the story because of his race.
He is treated unfairly by everyone around him at his school and gets punished for retaliating against racist comments directed at him.
The media gave out false information about a muslim
terrorist, Tariq Hasan, and his accomplice, Sami's father
and this led to Sami's mother to losing her job. Upside Down Thanks for watching (: "You told Bernstein you and Daddy would be in Toronto today. wazzup? your camel run out of gas?"I try not to hear. Try to copy notes from the baord
"you deaf, Sabiri? Hunh?"
My hand shakes
"Yo, sand monkey
I whirl around "Go screw yourself!"
(Stratton, 47) Sami's father's package, containing the bomb, turns out to be full of pictures and mementos of Sami's family. The package was to be given to Tariq Hasan, Sami's lost half brother who is said to be a terrorist by social media and the news. "I asked if maybe he could get me some pictures of his parents... or of my great-grandma who helped him escape, or maybe of the ancestral home in Iran... Any medical history that might come in handy. Any mementos. It was all 'No, no, no'... Then, just before the raid, I get this e-mail about how he's packed the stuff I want...
(Stratton 268) Sami's house is raided by the FBI His dad gets taken away and everywhere in his house is searched Sami gets questioned and the FBI asks about a man he's never heard of. Sami gets scared about what has happened to his dad and doesn't understand what's going on. "I get to Andy and Marty right away. "You been up all night?"
"No kidding, dude." Andy's totally wired. "You okay?"
"Is it true about your dad?" from Marty.
"Is what true?"
"Turn on your TV," Andy says
"My TV?"
"Yeah, you heard me. Pick a channel. Your dad's famous."
"Crazy's more lie it," Marty says. "At least the way he looks in the video"..."
(Stratton 153) http://www.facebook.com/ajax/mercury/attachments/photo/view/?uri=%2Fajax%2Fmessaging%2Fattachment.php%3Fattach_id%3Dff4fe41f52e3edef79f761da4fd8d801%26mid%3Dmsg.a572ff343af4cb9d24719a6e7b8b743c26%26hash%3DAQCNFQBj9W18NMHs&attach_id=ff4fe41f52e3edef79f761da4fd8d801&message=msg.a572ff343af4cb9d24719a6e7b8b743c26&hash=AQCf_95AN6cAAJk4 Works Cited http://www.themuslimtimes.org/2012/11/americas/have-you-been-bullied-as-an-adult







http://d2tq98mqfjyz2l.cloudfront.net/image_cache/1357424978497827.jpg Pictures Music You Get What You Give - New Radicals
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