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The Shadow Club

Book Review

Serena z

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of The Shadow Club

The Shadow Club By Serena Zamarripa Setting Jared Cheryl O.P Abbie Darren Randall Jared is one half of the duo
that started it all.
He loves track and running,
even though he isn't number one. Cheryl is the other half of the duo.
She sings 24/7. At first she
rufused to beleive that she is only
the second best singer, but after a
while she finally understands. Abbie is a very popular girl. However, she is only the second most popular girl in school. She is very positive and modest. O.P is a very intelligent, shy, competitive,
and determined person. She is called O.P
because her GPA is only one point under
Tommy nickols. Randall takes after his sister, Cheryl, courage wise. He is the second best swimmer on the swim team. He is a tall, tough basketball player who is always ready for a fight. Jason He is sometimes insecure
about his glasses and weight, but
he is an excellent trumpet player. Summary Conflict The Shadow CLub loses control
of their built up feelings and are blamed for pranks that they didn't play. Also Tyson spies on them and discovers too much. Resolution ... and the author of this wonderful novel is... NEAL SHUSTERMAN!!!!!!!! Thanks for Watching:) I hoped you enjoyed it!!! TYSON He is an orphaned boy who does not have a stable life He is consouled and talked to but that does not always help. He plays with fire an has set the school on fire multiple times. The Shadow CLub thinks that he is out to get them.
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