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Dear Juno

Dear Juno Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Dear Juno

Draw Conclusions
When we draw conclusions, we use what we already know and the details in the text to figure out more about the characters and the events. Good readers ask themselves if what they are concluding about the characters, events, and author's point makes sense.
Verbs with singular and plural nouns
The subject (who or what) and the verb (action) in a sentence must work together, or agree.

Add -s to a verb to tell what one person, animal, or thing does.

add -s to a verb that tells what two or more people, animals, or things do.
Dear Juno

The dog ______ (jump, jumps) over the fence.

The dogs ______ (jump, jumps) over the fence.

The girl ______ (read, reads) the story.

The cats _____ (eat, eats) their food.

A simile is a comparison of two unlike things that are alike in at least one way.
A simile uses the word "like" or "as" to make the comparison.
A simile is a description that helps us picture what something looks or feels like.
photograph - a picture taken with a camera
envelope - a paper sleeve that is used to hold a letter
smudged - smeared or marked with dirty streaks
-The cat was as gentle as a lamb.
-The beard was as thorny as a rose bush.
-Her smile was as bright as the moon.
persimmons - yellow and orange colored sweet fruits that are like plums
Dear Juno
By Soyung Pak
Realistic fiction - a made up story that could happen in real life
When we visualize, we form pictures in our minds about what happens in a story.
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