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Demonstration Speech Notes

Notes on how to give a demonstration speech.

Kaleigh Cochard

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Demonstration Speech Notes

Demonstration Speech Notes Purpose and Expectations of This Assignment
Most important thing: Sharing information.
Sharing ideas is a valuable part of society.
Most common..... ...is the demonstration speech. :)
This means the information is visually illustrated in step by step instructions. You must begin at the beginning and go in order. In this speech you will:
identify steps for a topic that will be demonstrated.
organize a speech chronologically
explain this to the audience clearly
prepare and use visual aids
find ways to fit available material in a certain time frame. Defining:
Demonstration speech is a type of information speech.
It successfully teaches the audience in the steps on how to complete a task or process.
These require visual aids. Choosing a topic
should be able to present info and demonstrate the info
avoid obvious topics like "how to make a sandwich" When considering a topic, one should think of the room they will be presenting it in.
noise, space, and lighting play a huge part for the demonstration.
A narrow topic is preferable. A good example would be a demostration on "How to Play Tennis".
The class room would limit you to demonstrate this topic.
Instead, maybe, do the many different ways to hold a racket for tennis. Be sure to demonstrate the topic in a way the audience will understand. Also narrow down the topic to fit the time limit. Some examples of speech topics:
how to program a videocassette
how to take good photographs
how to play the flute
how to give CPR or first aid Preparing and Organizing:
must provide steps
chronological order
steps organized in order. Begin by jotting down each of the steps in the process that you remember.
try them out on a friend and see if they can understand and follow your process.
If the friend needs help or can't follow, you may need to add steps. This speech needs a visual aid.
Steps must be shown. Practice makes perfect
You need to practice with your visual aid before you present it to the audience. Presenting
take necessary time to set up the visual aid.
place notes strategically so that you can see them without looking down at them.
Make sure handling them will not interfere with your demonstration. Present your demonstration with full confidence. Remember: you have selected a speech that your audience probably doesn't know how to do. Conclude your speech with a brief summary that you have talked over through out your speech.
The remove all visual aids as quickly, efficiently, and quietly as possible. Evaluate your classmate's speech like this:
Was the speaker able to set up quickly and efficiently?
Did the speaker structure the speech with a logical progression?
Did the speaker deliver the speech with authority?
Were you able to follow the demonstration well enough to feel comfortable doing the process or explaining it to someone else? Thank you!
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