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Dog Fighting

No description

Breana Morley

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Dog Fighting

DOG FIGHTING Animal Welfare Assignment What is dog fighting?
Dog fighting dates all the way back to the 1800’s, and one of the common techniques called “baiting” was formed; this was popular in England, and was considered a respectable form of entertainment for the English nobility. Baiting is when a chained animal is in the fighting area to increase the intensity of aggression between the two opponents before they face each other. Often, the bait animal is completely mauled and likely killed, before the two opponents focus on each other.

Shortly before the Civil War, dog-fighting breeds were imported to the United States and quickly became a popular gambling sport. By the 1860’s the sport was outlawed in most states due to the concern of the cruelty this caused on the animals. Though, it still thrived into the 20th century.

Moreover, the sport is still around and is continuing to destruct the innocence of these animals. Some of the dogs that are rescued from the in humanness of this sport are kept in animal shelters. Although, this dog is “rescued” it has been raised to fight, and may have highly aggressive behaviours, thus destroying most chances of it ever being adopted. Other cases have proven that once an animal has been rescued, it may be in critical condition, and may not survive its wounds. History How are they housed? Stallone SAM Aron, Amanda,
Breana, Hailey - Dog fighting is what some people may call a "sport", however it is very illegal in most developed countries.

- In most cases, the dogs are usually fought to the death, however injuries can be so bad that sometimes both dogs die.

- It is primarily used for gambling. Sometimes fees can be generated from breeding as well but there is really no other point to dog fighting.

- Fights can last anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours.

- Dog fighting is very breed specific when it comes to the opponents.

- Some of the most common used breeds within this “sport” are American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Presa Canarios, Bulldogs, and or a combination of these breeds. presa canarios bulldog staffordshire bull
terrier pit bull - Most dog fighting set ups are usually stumbled onto by accident. Most of the time you cannot tell that you are looking at a dog fighting property just from the outside.

- Fighting dogs are usually condemned to the worst living conditions possible. They are unsanitary and are usually in isolated places.

- They are either left in a dirty crate, or dog run (kennel) for most of their day, or they are chained up outside with heavy logging chains having to endure the elements. Many dogs freeze to death in the winter. Logging chains are used so the dog cannot run away or break the chain.

- If a dog is not chained up outside, it is left in a cold dark basement, and usually never gets any human attention. If a dog has signs of dog fighting injuries, it will never be taken out to be seen by the public. Most dogs die from infections from injuries because their living conditions are so unclean.

- On these properties, treadmills, whips, chains and steroids are usually found as well. So how do they
become so vicious? - Dogs that are bred to fight are usually placed in front of other fighting dogs, before their first birthday, to test their aggression.

- At around 15 months, the two prospective "fighters" will compete in a roll, which lasts about 15 minutes. They will then immediately take place in another fight that can last up to an hour.

- After this stage of their lives, breeders as they are called, will reward any kind of aggression. They will often place a bait animal or a cat in a cage in front of the dog. Aggression towards the bait animal is usually rewarded with getting to kill that animal. What are they fed? - Fighting dogs are usually fed raw, bloody meat, again to help with the aggression factor.

- Their food is often laced with steroids to help the dog become stronger. The steroids also create more aggression issues.

- Some breeders also put cockroach poison in their food. This makes the dogs skin and coat taste bad.

- Most dog fighting dogs are not even fed. They are starving to death and still being forced to fight. Laws and Bills Since 1892 it has been illegal in Canada to fight dogs. The current law however requires police to catch individuals during the unlawful act or the SPCA, which is very hard because the fights can be over in minutes. Canada’s laws on animal cruelty are over 116 years old, and only make it an offence to encourage, aid or assist dog fighting. In 2008 to 2011 that changed, but only a little bit. What you can do... Support stronger laws! Tell the media! Contact the police! Protect your dogs! Volunteer! http://stopanimalabuse.ca/ Cases of Dog Fighting CASE #1: Michael Vick (BAD NEWZ KENNELS) CASE #2: Marley Help us, Help Them Spread the Word,
tell their stories
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