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Gang violence

No description

julian pyrzynski

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gang violence

Gang Violence. by: julian pyrzynski Homicides. people killed for
money, land, and drugs. most deaths are
people who are
african american
or hispanic. 5,541 homicides
have happened in
L.A. county most people who
were killed were
male. Weapons. weopons such as
guns have risen
in use. semi-automatic
weapons are the
most dramatic
rise in weapon use. weapons such as
guns are not good
for anyone so
people should not
have them especially
use them on someone
else. Who should help. the police are the
main people who
should help. they
have the authority
to do so. citizens should also
help the situation
by calling the cops
when something bad is going on. the people of a
state should not be the ones to take control of a situation it should be the government. Take action what we can do is start at their resources such as land, drugs, and money. then we can take it to where it hurts by getting their members off the streets and away in jail. after that you go for their leaders which is heavily gaurded by members so use police force. soon streets will
be free of Graphs
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