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tam vo

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

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Internship Report
Software Packaging
1. Enterprise Problem

Creation of computer program installations that allow software to be installed across multiple computers.

2. What is Software Packaging?

What’s the advantage of “Sofware Packaging”?

Why the enterprise should apply “Software Packaging”?

Microsoft Window Installer


VMWare ThinApp
Packaging Technology

Packaging Tool

Create Package:
Window Installer Technology

Windows Installer technology provides the following:

Window Installer Technology

We can use Windows Installer to do the following :

Windows Installer Package format (MSI)

Transforms and modifications (MST)

Transaction-based installation service

Application programming interface (API)
Provide for complete and safe removal of software

Diagnose and repair software problems 

Install software in a variety of environments
Wise Package Studio

Msi Generator

Msi Editor
Modify Package:
1. Import snapshot source

2. Install package

3. Snapshot install package

4. Compare source and package.

5. Uninstall check.

Install package
Capture package:
Install source

Check source, platform, Prerequisite software

Incoming check

Snapshot clean if this application has requisite software then it must install before.

Snapshot install.

Install source

Use Wise or MSIGenerater to capture package if has not exists vendor MSI.
Export snapshot and backup to use later
Apply rule for package.
Leading Software company in Vietnam
Currently 1,400 engineers
15+ years experience in software outsourcing
Telecom and Networking
Business and Mobile application
Client from 25+ countries
Overseas offices: Canada, US, Japan, Australia
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