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The Pursuit of Excellence

No description

Patrick Plumadore

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The Pursuit of Excellence


Operational Excellence
(Static) Menu
Project Milestones
Risks / Challenges
Measuring Success
Future Possiblities
The Pursuit of Excellence
Erickson Dining Services
Dining Program
Proof of Concept

Enterprise Implementation
Tactical Day to Day
Training /
Staff Competency
Current Dining Program
Current Dining Program
5 week cycle menu
Meal of the day
Banquet style dining rooms
Carry out program
Mass quantity cooking (Batch)
Heat and serve kitchen execution
Corporate driven menu development
Future Dining Program
Restaurant Style Dining (theme driven)
From scratch cooking
a la minute (in the moment) cooking
Smaller more intimate dining venues
Flexible spending options (declining balance)
Regional specific menu development
Resident focused involvement
Increased daily menu options
Chef inspried culinary creations
Restaurant style menu with less daily rotation of main menu items.

Think more consistency in execution and better use of scales of economies with an expanded daily menu offering.
What is a signature menu?
Comparison of Menu Programs
5 Week Menu Cycle
Signature (Static) Menu
Limited variety of menu options (max 25 menu items per day per community)
Corporate driven menu
Increased product waste
Reduced or minimal cross-utilization of product
Inconsistent Quality
Elevated Inventory
Inefficient ordering process
Missed opportunities to maximize product rebates
Inefficient utilization of NetMenu program
AX 3 way match will not work
Inaccurate Nutritional Information
Limited means to managing procurement compliance
Low use of scales of economies
limited access to specialty products from vendors
Increased training cost due to non-repetitve menus
Increased labor to conpensate for lack of knowledge of menu details
Reduced speed of service

Increased Quality and Consistency
Increased variety (20 - 30 minimum offerings per dining venue per day) (100 per community per day)
Regionally focused menus
Resident driven menus
Better inventory management
Waste reduction
Ordering Efficiency
Procurement Compliance
AX 3 way match
NetMenu Efficiency (Chef’s in the Kitchen)
Improved accuracy of Nutritional Information
Leverage scales of economies
Improved service outcomes thru repetition
Reduction of training cost over time thru repetition
Labor efficiency
Consistent product availability with vendors (specialty items)
Increase rebates thru product consolidation
Increased speed of service
Higher resident satisfaction

Who does this impact?
Resident family members
Community dining team
Corporate partners
Vendor partnerships
How do we approach change?
A symbiotic relationship between residents, community members and corporate partners.
Resident focus groups
Town hall meeting
Community leadership engagement
Before and after measurements
Cost of the Project
Training tools and execution ?
Travel Expense?
Additional Corporate Chef?
Systems and Metrics Development?
Sustained project support
Residents acceptance to change
Negative resident feedback to program changes
Training staff on new service models may result in an initial slow down of service
Resistance by staff on new procedures and processes
Complexity of operations which could delay enterprise rollout
Lack of resources (culinary skillset) to evolve and deploy program
Unintented consequences of change?
Falling short of any success measures?
Premature inaccurate communication of project before rollout to stakeholders?
Success... and the right speed in which to rollout to ELM enterprise?
Better financial outcomes
Labor Cost
Product Cost
Frequent mini survey of resident's experience
Food Quality
Service efficiency
Holleran annual survey results
Resident year over year comparison
75th percentile of industry standards
Success Achieved?
Strategic Goals
Fresh, made to order, resident focused menu offerings, executed at the moment of service that personalizes the culinary experience, in smaller, distinctive venues to deliver an exeptional dining experience.
Increased Business Intelligence
Ability to assess each venue for financial viability
Better business forecasting
Flexbility to adapt to residents changing tastes
Foundation is set for P&L statements
Sets stage for flexible spending (declining balance)
Takes advantage of ELM scales of economies
Increases cash flow with inventory reductions
Future Dining Benefits
Project Time Line
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