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Information Security Template

A demonstration of how Prezi might be used for Information Security, no real data (except the quote)

Jen Ogarek

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Information Security Template

Why is Information Security a Valuable Contributor?
In the United States, data breach incidents cost companies $194 per compromised record. The average total cost per company that report a data breach in 2012 was down slightly at $5.4 million.

2013 Cost of a Data Breach: Global Analysis, Ponemon Institute and Symantec, June 2013
Information Security Status
So what are we working on?
Access Management
70% YTD Decrease in Spoofed Emails
20% Reduction in Phishing Errors
10% Increase in Perimeter Protection
5 Remediation Projects Completed in Q2
Disaster Recovery/
Business Continuity
Expanded DR Coverage by 20%
Information Risk Management
Queue of Evaluations Reduced by 15%
Security Services
Rollout of New Authentication 30% Complete
So are we getting better?
What are our biggest challenges?
Only 83% of Critical Servers are Encrypted
Access Control
Role based access control delayed until 2014
Network, OS,
Increase in Intrusion Attempts by 20% In Last 12 Months
Employee awareness of security policies has been steadily declining for the past 24 months.

115% Performance to
YTD Goals

External Risks
125% of 2011

Gartner Score Shows Team is Progressing On Target
Note: This presentation is for illustrative purposes only, no real facts have been included.
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