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Twitter 101: Back to Basic

No description

Ellie Humphrey

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Twitter 101: Back to Basic

Ellie Humphrey
@E_Humphrey Twitter 101: Back to Basics About Me! Who uses Twitter? The History of Twitter Setting Up Your Account = 4,194 Followers We think you're great but.... Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator Launched in July of 2006 500 Million Active Users 340 Million Tweets Every Day Peaks during historical events, often causes Twitter to crash. What is Twitter? 140 Characters Similar to status updates Brief exchanges, broadcasted to followers Celebrities Parody Accounts Regular People Businesses and Brands Accessing Twitter Desktop Mobile Hootsuite Tweetdeck Twitter Website/ App SMS / Texting Hootsuite Tweetdeck Twitter Website / App SMS / Texting Freemium Allows for multiple users My desktop preference Single sign on for all accounts More robust search options My mobile preference Downside - only tweets directed at you. Choosing a Handle Your Name Fun / Personal Numbers Underscore New Profile Design Personalizations Bio URL The Good Using Twitter Tweets in your stream @Mentions = people you follow Direct Messages # Hashtags RT & MT Last Thoughts Metrics Groups! Connect with me Ellie Humphrey
@E_Humphrey Social Media Breakfast Social Media Club Fail Whale! Events! PR + Social Summit Difficult to share Avatar Photo Single sign on for many accounts Private communications Sharing your personal info Topic search Trending convos Events / Conferences Only for mutual following Comment prior to 'RT' Use 'MT' if you change or shorten their post Retweet & Modified Tweet Generally represents endorsement / agreement Third Wed of the Month
@SMBMad Evening Events
@MadisonSMC Milwaukee
October 10th Experiment! Utilize your niche / expertise Find others to interact with My Advice Tweets directed at you! Header Photos, added September 2012 Keep it simple & fun Who to Follow Import contacts People you may know Don't be afraid to be selective DM Format Crowdbooster Report Engaging & Connecting The Golden Ratio 3:1 Finding Communities Notify others & have conversations Lessons Learned @E_Humphrey Changing your handle Inactive handles Your most important decision Memorable Don't lose sleep over unfollows Metrics Followers
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