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Oracle Transport Management


Alexandros Karagiannis

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Oracle Transport Management

Take Control ORACLE TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT Businesses are having to rethink how and where they source raw materials and position manufacturing plants THE CHALLENGE Transport costs remain significant for most organisations 6-10% of revenue There is a need for dynamic, real-time, multi-modal and global solutions to Moving manufacturing to low cost regions has resulted in A lack of can impact on the to the customer, which can lead to Increasing and costs impact on margins is a growing burden on transport, particularly surrounding All these influences are producing disruptive logistics networks and the of single sourcing is emerging as an important challenge Transport Management Systems (TMS) A single web application lets you see what’s going on for all products being shipped globally To offer the best possible solutions to the transport challenges of today we have formed a winning partnership Using the best product The leading global provider of OTM application services And our extensive integration experience and in-depth industry knowledge Giving you a flexible, global fulfilment option We can help you reduce transport costs by implementing Organisations are turning to IT to help them gain competitive advantage. transportation planning, execution, freight payment and business process automation OTM works with

of transportation Create an across functional silos, geographic regions, languages and business units of OTM implementation, transport costs can be Successfully configuring and implementing Oracle Transportation Management requires both an and an of knowledge. "Automakers face paint shortage after Japan quake" Reuters 2011 THE OTM FOOTPRINT ORACLE TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT Contract management Vehicle loading and route selection Mode and carrier selection Transport operations Performance monitoring and improvement 5-10% reduction 2-7% reduction 5-17% reduction 1-5% reduction 1-3% reduction in administrative costs THE BENEFITS OF TMS Based on our experience over the past 3 years Experience the commitment are emerging to provide enterprise wide IT support for the transport process Integrate and streamline every mode information bridge Within 2 years reduced between 5 and 9% incredible breadth experienced depth control and manage complex distribution lines fragmented supply chains visibility availability lost sales fuel, raw material labour Legislation sustainability risk *: Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems (TMS) 2011 & 2012 * ® OTM is recognised as the #1 Leading Transport Management Solution by Gartner We can tailor solutions to meet your requirements Lowering your transport cost whilst improving customer service and asset utilisation
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