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professional Skills

No description

Kotryna Grinkeviciute

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of professional Skills

Kotryna Grinkeviciute Mental Toughness Overview Mental Toughness: Applications Summary Definition
Importance of Mental Toughness
Developing Mental Toughness
Summary What Mental Toughness Is? a. there is no one precise definition
b. different attributes defining mental toughness is an ambiguous psychological construct with no clarity in its definition;

has different profiles with respect to different environments BUT with the same key components;

can be transferred from one context to another one;

can be (and should be) developed to achieve maximum potential; Why Is Mental Toughness Important? (i) Sport performance;
(ii) business;
(iii) education;
(iv) civil service; Developing Mental Toughness II (Jones, Hanton, & Connaughton, 2002) (Richards, 2011) Problems: What Mental Toughness Is? (cont.) Performer's ability to cope with stress and resultant anxiety associated with high pressure competitive situations (Jones et al., 2002) "A multidimensional construct comprising a variety of values, attitudes, cognitions, and emotions that enable an individual to negotiate both positively and negatively construed challenges and adversities" (Gucciardi & Jones, 2012, p16) coping with stress;
success/growing mindset;
attentional control and focus;
emotional awareness;
self-regulation; E.g., (Gucciardi & Jones, 2012) Developing Mental Toughness III Four Pillar Model
determines performance;

develops life skill which are transferable from one situation to another (e.g., from education to work place)

overall well-being (Wise, 2010); (Gucciardi & Jones, 2012); Adopted from Jones & Moorehouse, 2007, p35 Nadege, 2009 Jerred, 2012 Art post, 2012 Black Sales Journal, 2012 Nicholson, n.d. Mental Toughness: Adopted from Bull, 2007, p176 Developing Mental Toughness I goal setting;
coping strategies;
taking yourself out of your comfortable zone;
handling failure;
etc. Final word... References Developing Mental Toughness I Adopted from Bull, 2007, p176 Developing Mental Toughness I Adopted from Bull, 2007, p176
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