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Going Mobile with Your System - There Are Apps for That!

UCEA 2013 Conference

Matt Stayner

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Going Mobile with Your System - There Are Apps for That!

UCEA 2013 Conference
Matt Stayner, Bowen, Collins & Associates
Paul Lindhardt, Logan City Going Mobile with Your System -
There Are Apps for That! Why is mobile mapping such a big deal? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Technical (Engineer, Surveyor, etc.)
Public Works Crews
City (Mayor, City Council)
Public Old: High-end PC New: Smartphone, tablet, server in the "cloud" Google Nexus 7
Built-in GPS
HD Screen
Android 4.1 $199 Do you know:
Java Script?

You can create
your own app! This is where I see a HUGE advantage with mobile mapping! Geotagged Photos ArcGIS
Online Custom
Apps Issues Accuracy
10 to 20 feet
Better based on high resolution aerial
Subfoot with $3,000 GPS Bluetooth (Android only) Durability
Case is essential
Sun glare can be an issue Battery Life
Needs to be considered Data Connection
Wi-fi only?
Work offline?
Subscription Plan? ArcPhoto for ArcGIS 9 & 10 GeoSetter View KMZ in Google Earth Open Source Esri Final Thoughts... Set work flow Applications Maps for EMS Water Valve Locator SWPPP Inspection Blue Stakes Marking Recorder Hazards Map Public Notification Construction Management Begin with the end in mind Maps your System Storm Water Inspections Use a tablet in the field to:
Complete form
Obtain signature
IDDE Inspections and Tracking Blue Staking Construction Management Storm Water Mapping Collect Data SCADA Get a Northing and Easting (+/- 6" after post processing)
Collect Feature Attribute
Structure Type
Pipe Type
Sync handheld to GIS Upload to ArcGIS Server/ArcGIS Online Access Data in Field Edit existing features in GIS
Add new features to GIS
Connect features in GIS
Display updated realtime Daily Inspection Logs Construction
Photos Construction Drawings, Specs City GIS Monitor, access, control SCADA remotely
Alarm Notification
Security ArcGIS 10.1 - GeoTagged Photos To Points Logan City
Implementation Work Efficiency Calendaring Email Meeting Notes
To Do Lists
Etc... New Construction Water
Stormwater Internet Education Start small Get Bigger Keep it simple! Data Access Percentage of Listings with 'Major' Errors
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