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By: Joey Ho

Joey Ho

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Insurgent

Veronica Roth
Genre & Summary
Climax & Message
Recommendation & Rating
Main Character
By: Joey Ho

Veronica Roth,is a 24 year old American girl who has graduated from Northwestern University. She is married to her husband, Nelson Fitch, where they live in Chicago. Throughout her years in college she has been granted a degree in creative writing. She has written 2 books in her total career as an author which is very impressive considering that both her books “Divergent” and “Insurgent” have won the title of “New York times bestseller “, as well as positive feedback from fellow Authors.
The genre of this novel is Dystopian and Science fiction. The genre “Dystopian” is active in the book due to the poverty and oppression of the societies in this book. Science fiction is also active in the book due to the highly advanced technological equipment being used.
In a war torn Chicago with 5 factions known as the Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Amity and Erudite, The war is spread all across Chicago as, Tris Prior and her friends try to stop the Erudite leader, Jeanine Matthews who’s intentions are to purge all the world of Divergent. Together with her friends, Tris creates an alliance with the Dauntless, Candor, Amity and what’s left of the Abnegation, they formulate an attack plan to end her dictatorship, and save all of the Divergent.
The main protagonist of this novel is a determined 16 year old girl named Tris Prior or formerly known as Beatrice Prior. She has a strong willpower to help others and to end the war within the factions, she also tends to act recklessly to save her friends and her family at any cost. She plays a very essential part in the war as she is what people call Divergent. A Divergent is a man or woman who can manipulate simulations, as in the book simulations are to see which faction you are suited towards, however a Divergent such as Tris is able to manipulate them causing mixed results for her such as three choices for a faction. Along the way she meets a boy named Four, his peculiar name comes from his fears as he only has four fears in his life. They meet together as Tris is partaking her initiation as a Dauntless candidate, later on in the story they both begin to appreciate each other’s company causing them to fall in love. An interesting thing about this character is that she was based off of Veronica Roth herself.
The climax of the book is during when Tris is about to sacrifice herself to save Four and everyone else, she enters the Erudite headquarters where she meets a rouge Dauntless which she realizes as her previous nemesis, Peter. As Peter walks her to her cell 2 weeks before her execution, Four drops from an air vent fully covered in his own blood with the single intention to save Tris. This was a climax because later on Four had almost reached a point where he was close to death; however Peter was full of guilt as he was previously by Tris at an Amity safe house and he could not bear the fact that he was saved a girl, causing him to compensate by saving both Tris and Four.
“One choice can transform you--or it can destroy you. But every choice has consequences.” This quote was a message from Beatrice prior, She faces many situations where as there are harsh decisions to make, leading her to reflect deeply upon the consequences that would occur throughout her action, as within the story she faces guilt, grief and loyalty
I would definitely recommend this novel to students in Highschool and Middle school, as well as people who enjoy a good Action/Romance novel. The book is a great novel for young readers as it has some occasions where there are humorous parts in the book. Regarding the Romantic scenes within the book it requires the reader to be mature about what is happening. The book has also won the New York Times Bestseller Title, as well as having the book being created into a movie somewhat later in the future.
My Rating for this Novel is 4.5, my reason for this rating is because, I love that the book begins immediately following the dramatic conclusion of Divergent, and it Brings immense suspense to the reader when they least expect it.
Thank you for listening to my Oral, I will now be taking questions from the audience.
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