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On The Sidewalk, Bleeding

No description

Ellen Kuzmich

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of On The Sidewalk, Bleeding

On The Sidewalk, Bleeding
-March, 11:30 p.m.
-rainy night
-sidewalk in a long alley
- Late 1940's, because there were no cellphones to call the police
- 16 years old
- part of a gang
- probably has done illegal things.
- has stress, gave into peer pressure
- has a girlfriend, so he has a life outside
of his gang
Andy left the house for cigarettes, he told his girlfriend he wouldn't be long. He ended up getting stabbed for wearing the jacket that belonged to gang he was apart of, "The Royals". He lied on the sidewalk for more then ten minutes when he died. His girlfriend found him, and was very sad and crying.
-Type of narrator used is third person limited

- We know this because we only knew the thought of Andy and not any other character.
-people getting hurt
-Eaton Center shooting
- Illegal Actions
What the story relates to
The conflict was, Andy was apart of a gang, and the hatred between the two gangs at rivalry ended up him being stabbed to death on a sidewalk.
Social Issue
Freddie and Angela, the couple
Freddie wanted to help Andy, so he had some sort of remorse

Angela was completely selfish and ignorant, she didn't want to help Andy.

They were a happy couple
You may not die at the old age like everyone wants too.
Andy Realized too late that he spent his life horribly, and that no one wanted to get stuck in the web of "The Royals" or "The Guardians" which is why no one would help him. The theme is life is too short, and you have to start thinking about how you want to be remembered.
(Andy died too young)
(while reading the story we weren't sure if Andy was going to die or not)
(Andy regrets the way he lived his life, thinks about the things he wanted to do; the life he wanted to have)
What movie it relates to
- man vs. himself, so Andy realized he spent his life being known as "A Royal" and not as "Andy"
- man vs. man "The Royals" and "The Guardians had conflict among themselves."
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