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Child Labor in china

No description

Clara Caussey

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Child Labor in china

Child Labor
In China 218,000,000 kids World wide Many major companies are involved 5 - 17 years aged kids
involved 18 Hour days Sent for money by families sold to different forms of slavery very rare cases where they escape or are rescued $4 trillion and 20 years to free kids and educate them Donate to an organization research which companies have a past with child labor and boycot them Eventually with no income these factories will shut down
You may know alot about child labor but there is a whole new side that few people know about. 218 million children world wide are somehow involved in child labor. everyone deserves a second chance to live their lives not trapped in destruction from the start Now that you know what you can do what will you do to help the world and free kids from a life time of slavery The End
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