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Introductory Art Lesson for mid school art students about some of the reasons why people make art

Tammy Crespin

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of WHY DO PEOPLE MAKE ART??

to capture historical events and people
There was a time when cameras were not available, so artists were employed to paint or sculpt portraits of important people or to capture an important event. Today, artists paint, sculpt, photograph, and draw important people and events as a way to pay tribute or to express their feelings and opinions about an important person or event.
to bring attention to ordinary objects
Some artists choose to focus on ordinary objects--objects most people do not think a lot about. By focusing on these ordinary objects, artists give us another view of what the object could be and what art really is. This is a modern trend in art. Now, we see all kinds of everyday objects turned into art or emphasized in an artwork.
to capture
beauty in nature
Nature has been a source of inspiration for artists since prehistoric times when cavemen painted on the walls of the Lascaux Caves. Nature can include animal and plant life, majestic landscapes, and even outer space! For some artists, it is difficult to pass by something beautiful in nature and not want to capture it in a painting, sculpture or photograph!
to capture Movement
or rhythm
How can you show movement or rhythm in an artwork, such as a drawing or sculpture? This has intrigued some artists and they have taken on the challenge! In modern times, we see movement in movies and the performance arts such as, dance and theatre, but the idea of capturing jazz's rhythm in a painting or a woman walking down stairs became the focus for artists like Mondrian and Duchamp.
to make people
Many artists have important ideas to convey, and they like to say it visually using images and symbols. Often times, the message is not always obvious, so you have to look closely. Then, there are artworks where the message is very clear and is meant to make you think about something such as political topics, everyday things, and much more!
to evoke emotions
and feelings
Art is a great way to express your emotions and feelings. Artists use colors, lines, and other elements of art and principles of design to create feelings, such as anger and happiness in their artwork. The feelings become the message or focus of the artwork, everything in the artwork works together to "show" the desired emotion or feeling. Expressionism is an art movement where artists expressed meaning or emotional experiences rather than depicting objects realistically.
to tell a story
Just as authors tell tales with words, artists use paint to describe scenes, characters, action, and conversations. You can recognize an artist is telling a story in their artwork because you find the same story-telling elements you find in a written story. When looking at a painting you think tells a story, ask yourself: What is the setting? Who are the characters? What kind of action is going on? What are the characters thinking or feeling?
Something that beautifies or adorns; an ornament
People of all cultures have created a variety of ways to adorn the human body. Fashion, jewelry, tattoos of all kinds fit into the category of adornment. Adornment can not only reflect culture, but also trends within a culture.
to create an
optical illusion
Artists have discovered how to trick our eyes with lines, colors and the placement of images in an artwork. Artists such as M.C. Escher have used his interest in geometry to create artistic optical illusions. Bridget Riley is another artist who investigated lines and colors, producing interesting optical artworks. Op art, or optical art became popular in the 1960s.
To show artistic skill
Many artists develop their skills to a point where they achieve a high level of realism.
The End
culture and
Artists and artisans often create artworks to reinforce cultural ties and traditions. People of different cultures express who they are, such as the environment or place they live, their beliefs, and their traditions through the art making process.
There are many reasons why people create art, these are just a few. People have been creating art for thousands of years since prehistoric times. The first forms of art are found in caves in Europe, such as in the Altamira Caves in Spain and the Lascaux Caves in France. Since then, man has continued to carve, paint, draw...it is what makes us human.
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