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Roadway Markings

No description

Precia Spann

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Roadway Markings


White Lines
A broken white line means travel going in the same directions is permitted on both sides;A vehicle may cross the lines to change lanes when it is safe.
Turn Arrows
Indicate which way you can safely make a turn
Left/Right Arrows
Indicate whether you can properly carry out a left/right turn
Roadway Markings
Give warnings or directions
The broken yellow line separates traffic lanes flowing in opposite directions, and crossing is only permissable

for passing when it's safe to do so
A solid yellow line next to a dashed yellow line separates traffic going in opposite directions,vehicles next to the broken line may pass,vehicles next to the solid line can't pass
A double yellow line separates travel lanes going in opposite directions and passing from either side is prohibited..
General Warnings
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