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HRM - Role of HR in Change Management.

Presentation for 5th April 2012.

Prasad Salunke

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of HRM - Role of HR in Change Management.

Role of HR in Change Management.
HRM-M11HRM Group Assigment
*Dealing with Insecurity and Anxiety:
Negative feelings and behavioral reasons for threatening situations,
Change in technology,
Change in management,
Change in policies,
Change in work profile.
*Unanticipated Turnover Threat while acquiring Lehman
Retaining maximum employees with communication
Relation between job insecurity and resistance to change
change management during merger and acquisition
Role of HR in change management
Drives change at every organization level
Gives a framework of how the change would be implemented
Coordination between senior management and other employees
Replacing the short term goals with broader organizational needs
Analyzing the effect of change in a particular department on another department
Understanding and using the correct medium to communicate to different groups
To help the employees to cope up with the change
Organize Trainings
Firing the employees
Strategies for effective change management
Professor at harvard university John kotters recommended an 8-step change process which involves all the vital elements that are required to implement changes in change management.
Establish Sense of Urgency
Build a powerful guiding coalition
Develop a Vision and Strategy
Communicate, communicate and communicate the change vision
Empower broad-based action (Eliminate Obstacles)
Generate early wins: Celebrate some success early.
Consolidate change and produce more change
Vital role of HR in mergers and acquisitions
HR strategy for achieving the synergies
Setting milestones
keeping track of strategic map of the both companies
proactive, attentive and initiate to take actions to achieve sucess of mergers and acquisitions.
Change Management
change management is a task of managing the change and controlling that mechanism to reach the final goal of successful implementing new technology or culture throughout the organization.
Fred Nickols
the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B in order to achieve lasting change within an organization
-BNET Business Dictionary
Change Management is the preparation for major changes in the present and the future, as a means of strengthening the agility, internal resilience and the peripheral vision of the organization
-Peter Grumpet
Underlying Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, Attitudes, Feelings
Physical Settings like Ceremonies, Stories, Slogans, Behaviors, Dress,
Core and Huge Part
-Edward T. Hall
What is a
of Organization

The most important step may be to sell the process - because the best change plans are useless unless they are implemented.

• Changes in the senior leadership team
• Technological changes and upgrades
• Changes in business strategy
• Replacement of outdated working practices and processes
• The need to cut or trim costs and increase efficiency
• Downturns and tougher operating conditions
• The need to implement new organisation behaviours and skills
• The need to develop change and improve organisational culture
• Government legislation/initiatives
Downturns and tougher operating conditions leads to MERGER and ACQUISITION
Recommendations for Effective
change management:

Avoiding Cultural Clashes - differences in terms of business portfolios
Involvement of People In Change- new management, policies
summarize - Continuous involvement from the staff
-The post change/acquisition situation
-Picture of Future
Need of the change:

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Thank You.....
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