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Life on Campus

No description

Tim Bauer

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Life on Campus

College Campuses
We are here today to discuss the topic of campus life at various colleges around the state of Missouri, University of Central Missouri, Missouri State University, and Truman State University.
We believe that a very important part of picking your college is that not only that it has a good program for your career, but also has a very excellent campus life.
In our speech we are going to talk about three categories that are included in campus life, dorms and living situations, activities and events, and jobs for students.
University of Central Missouri
Missouri State University
So remember, when selecting the perfect college for you, don't just think about the education. Consider where you could live, activities and events offered by the school, and job opportunities provided by the college.

Explore the new options that open up when going to college and pick the one that best fits you.
You will have a great college experience!
Life on Campus

Living on Campus
East Campus
*University Conference Center
*Diemer Hall
*Ellis Complex*
*Foster/Knox Apartments
West Campus
*Blair Shannon
*Hammons House
*Hutchens House
*Wells House
*Woods House
*Scholars House
*Kentwood Hall
*Monroe Aprtments
*Fitzgerald Hall*
*Houts-Hosey Hall
*Nattinger-Bradshaw Hall
*Nickerson Hall
*South Todd Hall*
*South Yeater Hall
*Yeater Hall

University of Central Missouri
Activities and Events on campus
University of Central Missouri
Missouri State University

Student Organization
Missouri State Beartones
-All male a Capella
-Musical excellence and having a good time
Missouri State Archery Team
-New this year
-Indoor/ Outdoor

*Get the Red out
*Family Day
*Fun before Finals
*Alternative Spring Break
Phi Sigma Upsilon
-Greek life

*Intramural Sports
MSU Beartones
Missouri State University
Job Opportunities
On Campus Employment

When you get to the job search page you will need to click on the gray Student Employment box. When you are ready to apply for on campus jobs you will need to create an account. You do not use your BearPass login to apply to on campus jobs
On-Campus Student Employment Eligibility
Federal Work Study
Things you'll need to work on campus
Types of jobs
*Front desk
Jobs on Campus
Position: Graphic Design Artist
Department: Office of Student Activities
Benefits of Jobs on campus
*Understanding of time
*Meet new people
*Get cash back
Tara, Jordan, and Tim
Halls at Truman University
Blanton Nason Brewer
Centennial Hall-Cafeteria
Dobson Hall
Ezra C. Grim Hall
Missouri Hall-Cafeteria
Walter H. Ryle Hall-Cafeteria
West Campus Suites
Imagine getting out of class at your perfect, dream college and wanting to find something to do, then it dawns on you. There is absolutely nothing to do. No events going on in the quad, no sports being played in the gym, and no students participating in any kind of campus life. All of the sudden, your dream college doesn't seem too perfect anymore.
Activities and Events
Work Cited

Student Organizations
Intramural Sports
Fine Art Clubs
Hall Councils
Greek Life
and many more
"MSU Student Information." - Student Employment. Ed. Board of Governors. 2010. Web. 04 Nov. 2014.
"University of Central Missouri."
University of Central Missouri. Nov. 04. 2014
*Hoeckelman, Matthew.
Personal Interview
. Oct. 29. 2014
Board of Governors. "Residence Halls." Missouri State Dorms. 2010. Web. 04 Nov. 2014.
Athletic Sport Events

Purple Fridays

Resident Hall Events


Theater performances
Job Opportunities
Types of Jobs
Office Assistant
Exam Proctor
Student Manager
Janitorial Work
Teachers Assistant
Applying for jobs at Truman is easy.
You just go on to the Truman website then click student employment. Then click Tru-positions and then click the job that you want that is listed. Fill out all the information needed and then submit it. That easy.
"Campus Life at Truman State University." Truman State University. 11 Dec. 2013. Web. 04 Nov. 2014.
"Housing at Truman State University." Truman State University. N.p., 11 Dec. 2013. Web. 04 Nov. 2014
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