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Rowlett High School State Vase Winners 2014

Rowlett High School State VASE Winners 2014 Bryan College Station

Chad Wilkinson

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Rowlett High School State Vase Winners 2014

for RHS Art Students, who made it to our annual State V.A.S.E. Art Competition.
Statewide more than 26,000 students participated in V.A.S.E.

Only 1,626 pieces were chosen to advance to the State Level...The Best of the Best.

Rowlett High School had 26 pieces chosen to advance to State.
A staggering 20 percent of our REGION.
Lesley Lujano
Level 1
Taylor Kennedy
Taylor Kennedy
Emma Turner
Linete Estrada
Nick Moulder
Dominique Capers
Mikayla Boren
Horacio Espinoza
Chisom Obineke
Alyssa Chapa
Patty Limones
Emma Turner
Level 2
Taylor Dodson
Jhassen Serato
Jhassen Serato
Michelle Bagette
Level 3 and 4
Oziel Robles
Jodie Pham
Megan Nguyen
Megan Nguyen
Jodie Pham
Dina Campos
Lydia Williams
Megan Stranz
Oziel Robles
Well deserved
We are very proud of you all....
Mr. Wilkinson
Mrs. Wilkinson
Mrs. Hamidou
Mrs. Kovach
Only 152 were chosen for a Gold Seal.
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