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Chapter 6- The Over Paid Maid

No description

Laura Mathews

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 6- The Over Paid Maid

To be able to Infer things about the story based on what the characters do or say. Chapter 6- The Overpaid Maid Read through each sentence.
Write down what emotion you think the speaker is feeling using the most evocative vocabulary you can think of. .
“Tesco had run out of milk so now I can’t have cereal in the morning!”
“I can’t believe you’ve brought me a brand new car!”
“My dog has just died!”
“Just got my G.C.S.E results – I got all As!” Starter Activity But what the
bloomin' heck is
‘For a moment it seemed to Bruno as if Maria really was going to tell him what she was thinking.
She laid the rest of his clothes on the bed and her hands clenched into fists, as if she was terribly angry about something.’ What can we infer from this quotation?
Complete this paragraph by filling in the gaps:

When we read, sometimes we can ________ things. This is where we know something is _______, even though the _______ doesn’t tell us directly.
This is also known as _______________________.

True , Infer , Reading between the lines , Author

Tick Task: Find a quotation about Maria and make your own inferences about it. Finally... Homework Inference is when you read a text and know something is true even though the author doesn’t tell you directly. Hot Seating: You have been given a character from the novel. Prepare a 1 minute speech about how you feel about the move. Be prepared to answer questions, in character.
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