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League Of Legend Presentation

No description

Bryan Teong

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of League Of Legend Presentation

What Is LoL
LoL is a MOBA
MOBA = Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA emphasizes on co-operative team strategies, to destroy your enemy's base, by pushing "lanes" which are paths to the enemies' base. A team is made up of 5 people, and you will join hands with other players online, to fight against another team.
League Of Legends require you to buy items and level up your character from 1-18.
You get in game money and experience from killing minions, enemies and destroying turrets, to buy items in the item shop.
"Ganking" in LoL means having multiple teammates gang up against one or a few enemies together, to kill them
"Farming" means killing minions to level up and earn gold
If you are "fat" you are doing better than your enemy
Characters are known as champions in this game there are different types of champions and each champion has its own unique and special skills.

There are different types of champions which are classified into , ADCs, APCs, SPs,Junglers and Tanks
(ADC)Attack Damage Carries do large amounts of attack damage with their basic attacks
(APC) Ability Power Carries cast abilities to damage enemies with their ability power.
(SP) Supports have abilities to help other teammates with stuns, slows, and taunts, which hinder the enemy from running away or killing their teammates
Tanks are champions with alot of health they help the team to take damage
(JG) Junglers are champions who stay in the jungle, to level up and earn gold. They help teammates to get "buffs" and "gank" enemies
Objective: Kill as many minions as possible to level up, earn gold and to deny your enemy from "farming" and try not to get killed.
Objective: Take down turrets, and help other lanes which are not doing well by "ganking" the lane.
Objective: Stay with your team to take down turrets and eventually take down nexus, to WIN (no duh...)
You might be asking why play a MOBA game instead of FPS?
I think LoL helps to develop strategies and teamwork more efficiently than First Person Shooters(FPS)
MOBAs require you to communicate and have team co-ordination, to annihilate the enemy team.
MOBAs, also have a variety of characters for you to use, which allows players to be fighting against different characters with different skills which is challenging to use and play against.
In MOBAs, it is impossible to kill all the enemies at one go without your team, however, in FPS games, you may be able to do that if you're very skilled
Why play LoL when there are other MOBAs more famous like DoTA?
It is personal preference, but I think LoL is more fun as I have friends playing together
It also has better graphics, is easier to play and is Free to Play (F2P)
The game also matches low leveled players together,and higher leveled players together to prevent unfair game
DoTA's maps are also quite messy and complicated and is also not 'noob' friendly. So you will have a very hard time playing when you just started to play DoTA.
Green dot = Bush
Bushes will make u invisible to enemy vision when you are inside the bush
Your Basic Attack slows the enemy and deal bonus damage
Increased mana regeneration and 20% cooldown reduction on spells
Most powerful monster.
Whole team has increased health,mana regeneration, attack damage and ability power
Neutral monsters that can be killed for exp and gold
It is the 2nd most powerful monster
Gives money to members of the team who kills it
P.S for LoL there is currently 114 champions
League of legends is not an easy game to pick up so if you ever want to try LoL, you might suck at first...
You might want to play the game with a group of friends at the start, so you all can learn together.
Also check guides on MobaFire to know what to buy and how to play the champions.
You might also want to watch Youtube videos for beginners guides to know what LoL is about, and how to play LoL as this is just a rough introduction to LoL.
If you have any questions about LoL, you can ask Ryan,Swen Yin,Fu Hong or Gabriel I think.
You want to play LoL?
LoL was released on 7 October 2009, and over 12 million players are playing LoL every day. LoL currently has 114 champions and is updated at least once a month. LoL is currently in S3, and S4 is rumored to be coming out this October. Many people in Singapore play LoL as you can see from the poster :D
LoL Information
Now I will show a video and show you what LoL looks like from my FAVOURITE YouTuber
My IGN: xYuuki
My friends
Sidenote... ... This video is also for Kenneth, who is new to LoL.
Play LoL now you wont regret it!
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