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Talent Management Strategy

No description

Grace Clark

on 28 June 2014

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Transcript of Talent Management Strategy

Business Strategy
Does the organization have the competencies and skills to achieve their business strategy?
How will the organization execute their business strategy?
What metrics will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy?
What is the financial impact to the organization from attrition?
What methods within the Talent Management Framework most contribute to attrition?
What short term / long term adjustments can be made to improve the organization's retention?
Are desirable candidates attracted to the organization?
What recruitment methods are most most effective in attracting desirable candidates?
How are talent channels being effectively/ineffectively used?
How does the organization assess and select its talent?
Is the approach consistent in all locations?
What enhancements to the organization's hiring process would be beneficial?
What talent groups are most essential to the organization's sustainability?
What opportunities exist to more effectively / more strategically develop these talent groups?
Who is responsible for each talent groups' development?
Do these individuals have the skills necessary to effectively develop others?
What benefits exist for the organization to improve employee engagement?
What is the organization's strategy to sustain engagement among its workforce?
Is the current strategy effective?
Grace Clark
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs
OL 644: Talent Management
June 27, 2014

Talent Management Strategy
(Phillips, 2014, p. 18)
Integrated Talent Management Framework
Provide employees a clear vision of the future
Attract qualified candidates
Eliminate guesswork from hiring
Engage the workforce
Offer valued development
Improve overall retention
Create organizational accountability
Potential Challenges
Learning Management System
Communication Plan
Change Management
Regular Review of Defined Competencies
Dowell, B. E. & Silzer, R. (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Phillips, D. R. (2014). Anchoring talent management to business performance. Journal of Property Management, 79(3), 16-20.
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