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Lornit.BI - Business Intelligence Platform

A quick presentation on our Business Intelligence platform.

Stephen Zammit

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Lornit.BI - Business Intelligence Platform

Delivering Software
since 2010 Lornit - technology company James and Stephen have been working together since year 2000. They worked on various IT projects for a wide range of customers in Malta and abroad. In 2010 they launched Lornit Ltd,
to focus on custom software for the small and medium businesses. James Azzopardi Background Stephen Zammit A co-founder of Lornit Ltd. Stephen has accumulated extensive experience from his involvement in a large number of IT projects over a period of more than 16 years. He worked for a wide range of customers; government entities, large corporations, gaming companies, small and medium sized companies, ngos, non profit organisations and individuals; in Malta and abroad. Stephen considers getting his hands dirty as the most important step in taking responsibility for a project or solution and with that mentality he is able to manage projects successfully, through an excellent understanding of the underlying complexities in a project. A co-founder of Lornit Ltd. James has accumulated extensive experience from his involvement in a large number of IT projects for a wide range of customers over a period of more than 20 years. He worked for government entities, large corporations, gaming companies, small and medium sized companies, NGOs, non profit organisations and individuals; in Malta and abroad. James is an outgoing, highly talented professional who is extremely focused on delivering the task at hand, and that meticulous and logical approach to projects gives him an definitive edge at meeting and exceeding customer expectations every time. Fisheries Management System for Maltese Fisheries Department - Govt. Subcontracted to do all the development by Loqus.
Tablet Application for Fishermen.
Windows Application for Back Office use.
Touch-Screen Application for Fish Market.
Server Software to link all data and applications together.
Meets FAO and EU Requirements. NowTracker.com - Launched in 2013 Fleet Management System
Vehicle Tracking Devices
Person Tracking Devices
Fleet Management Application
Android Application
Applies for:
Car hire companies
Security companies
Fleet Managers Tracking System for i360 Solutions IT Solution to Track Vehicles in Libya
Used by Major Energy Companies to protect their assets in Libya.
Used to provide emergency assistance.
Used to recover vehicles after the civil war.
GPRS/GPS trackers
Satellite based Trackers
Alarm Management Tools
Tracking Application Hospital Management System - St. James Hospital - Malta & Libya Partners with i360 Solutions and St. James Hospital Libya. Lornit is developing all the Software, based on St. James' extensive experience in hospital management. The Hospital Management System will be marketed as a comprehensive solution to other hospitals in North Africa. Phase 1 is complete, system will be launched in Libya in 2nd quarter 2013 Software Development Record Lornit.BI platform developed in - 2011.
Fisheries Management System - 2011
Tracking System - 2011
Fleet Management System - 2012
Hospital Management System - 2012
Permit Management System - 2012
Child Care Management System - 2013
Sports Club Management System - 2013 Lornit.BI - IT Platform
for Business Applications The Team James Azzopardi, Stephen Zammit, Saviour Zammit, Stephen Riolo, Stephanie Grech, Andrew Pace.
Associates and partner companies
Subcontractors in Malta, India, Germany and USA. Rapid Development - on Lornit.BI Ready made modules
Multilingual Support, on the go.
Full Audit Trail
Access Rights
User Friendly
Hardly requires training
GIS Enabled
Support for Barcodes, Finger Prints
more... Lornit.BI

helps us deliver
business intelligence solutions quickly to specifications.
Rather than starting from scratch, we just customise,
the rest is there for us by Design.

Our Design!

- Stephen Zammit (visionary) Inbuilt: Functionality Why do an extensive Analysis and Design Exercise when creating a Prototype takes us hours, not days? Software Development was never that easy! Some High Profile Projects
that we created on Lornit.BI Platform Track Record Other Lornit.BI Projects Project Management,
Health Care,
Hospital management,
Child Care,
Local Councils,
Person Tracking,
Sports Clubs,
Book keeping,
Financial Services,
Content Publishing,
Document Management
more ... Research and Innovation We dedicate a substantial amount of time and resources to R&D. We constantly upgrade Lornit.BI with new modules and new functionality:
to deliver updates and upgrades to existing customers
to be in a position to offer more advantageous proposals to new customers.
BECAUSE WE CAN! Innovation is the key to growth. We outdate our own software every year as we create better and more capable versions. Our Approach: Flexibility Why waste time creating specification documents and force customers to sign up design agreements, when we can customise our solutions within minutes? The Clock is Ticking! Contact us to see what we can do for you! web: www.lornit.com
email: info@lornit.com
mob: (+356)9999 4203 Credits James Azzopardi
Stephen Zammit
Mario Desira
Clinton Mifsud
Jonathan Spiteri
Mark Vella
Stephen Riolo
Andrew Pace
Stephanie Grech
Saviour Zammit
Mark Zammit
Chirag Leuva
Rajesh Kanjani
Dawn Borg Costanzi
Marco Borg
Stefan Kroker
Benjamin Hübner
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