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Compare and Contrast of Mansa Musa and Ibn Battuta

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Donna Burcher

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast of Mansa Musa and Ibn Battuta

Compare and Contrast of Mansa Musa and Ibn Battuta
By Donna Burcher

Mansa Musa
A very powerful ruler of the kingdom of Mali that was islam and wanted to do his pilgrimage to mecca. So he explored to different countries leaving lots of gold and silver,most specifically Cairo,Egypy.In Egypt he gave so much money brought the value down so much that gold was worth almost nothing anymore.
Mansa Musa
Ibn Battuta
He was a moroccan traveler born into a family of legal scholars.In his early like he made his pilgramage to Mecca. He was known as one of the greatest travelers of his time.One great thing he did was the invention of the compass. In a matter of 30 years he traveled all of islamic lands and some non-islamic by foot horse and sailing.
Ibn Battuta
Compare and Contrast
Traveled to Mecca
When he did his pilgrimage to Mecca he brought silver and gold.
He was a ruler of Mali.
Most powerful king of Mali.
Ibn Battuta
Mansa Musa
Traveled to Mecca by foot.
invented the compass.
Traveled all of the Islamic world and more by foot, horse, and ship.
From Morocco
Thanks for Watching
By Donna
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